MS PowerShell for Linux?

MS PowerShell for Linux?

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"Those that don't understand Windows are doomed to recreate it?"  :-)

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows Management Partner Architect
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  • <i>"Those that don't understand Windows are doomed to recreate it?"</i>


  • Jeffery, LOL, i just think you were looking for an excuse to use that quote and turn it back around on all the unix linux's who use it against powershell without even taking the time to learn anything about what powershell is..



  • sigh, yep, this guy didn't do anything close to powershell.

    however, take a look at (which, i believe predates powershell)

  • take a look at (i believe it predates msh)

  • Of course some one in the Linux community is going to try to “recreate” PowerShell.  It is one of those rare times when M$ actually made something of some value.  But lets remember that PowerShell is simply an improved version of the various shells Unix/Linx has been using for decades.  Admins have been complaining for many years that M$ should have something like the various Unix shells.  Now they finally have ONE.  

    The fact that it is a good enough shell to copy is only unique because M$ so rarely makes anything worth coping.  Maybe because they are usually so busy coping everyone else they do not have much time left to come up with anything new of there own.  

    So congrats to all who helped make PowerShell.  To the rest of M$, for a company your size, making something worth coping should be a weekly event, not every few years.

  • What a harsh comment on Microsoft, Michael.

    Why not be constructive rather than bitter and cynical about what PowerShell team accomplished? I think PowerShell is revolutionary in command line world.

    I don't think you should sound like PowerShell is the first accomplishment Microsoft ever achieved. From the way you spell M$, you are a typical Linux zealot.  

  • I like Powershell too, its a brilliant tool,

    the only close thing I use at my workplace is Python, which takes about 10 to 20 lines to recreate what a Powershell script would do. Having something like Powershell recreated for Linux would be a tremendous help, to people like myself who spend hours trying to write a Python script that would do the same in 5 line powershell script. So less arguing about Microsoft or Linux, they're both good OS's its just a shame there isnt anything like Powershell for Linux atm.

  • It' common for *NIX admins to talk bad about Windows. Most of them only used Windows back in the 3.1 or 95 days and haven't gotten a fresh experience since. They constantly blab about Microsoft's bad security rep and such, which by now is well-polished.

    M$ or MS or with a bit more respect: Microsoft, keep up the good work!

    And to all the haters out there: get a good view of what you're hating before you do... :-S

  • Hi all,

    A powershell guru made linux version of powershell..

    Check this video ->


  • POwerShell, Microsofts effort to derail Linux/Unix shell scripting standards yet again.

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