Opsware Announces PowerShell Support

Opsware Announces PowerShell Support

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Opsware's Server Automation System 6.5 now supports PowerShell. Here is what they say:

Microsoft Windows PowerShell integration. Server Automation System 6.5's powerful data model is now extended to integrate Microsoft Windows PowerShell, a command line shell and scripting language, to help Windows administrators achieve a higher level of productivity. Any information about a server that is managed by the Opsware System is now accessible directly from within PowerShell. Examples include the history for every job run on a Windows server, or what applications are being supported by the server. With this integration now the latest Windows technology can be used to access the right information that has been automatically stored in the Opsware System for change execution.

The full announcement is HERE

I haven't seen what they are releasing but quite some time ago (we were still Monad then), the Opsware team came to Redmond to show us what they had done with PowerShell. People's jaws dropped when they saw what the prototype. It was clear that these guys understood the problem and understood how to use PowerShell. It was simply amazing! A lot of people were able to connect the dots when they saw the Opsware demo.

I don't know what they are shipping but I certainly hope they put a screen capture demo on the web.

I said it before, I'll say it again: This train keeps gathering steam! SNOOPY DANCE!

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Windows Management Partner Architect
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  • <Paul had trouble submitting this comment so he emailed it to me and I'm posting it for him.  Reading what they are doing with PS makes me start to drool.  :-) -jps>


    Paul Kennedy from Opsware here... I've been ill recently, have been catching up this past weekend, and I saw your note.

    Yes, Opsware productized the PowerShell support we've been working on for a while :) In the first release we have a set of cmdlets that allow a user to extract information on servers, jobs, audit results and the like from the Opsware data repository, via WS-API. There are also cmdlets which allow a user to update the data repository. We also have a PowerShell provider allowing a user to navigate about the objects in the data repository - this is the productized version of the prototype provider you saw back in 2005.

    But this is just the beginning. We are hard at work on version 2 of the integration, it's a much broader and deeper integration. For example,

    - From one's own desktop machine, one will be able to open a remote PowerShell prompt, in a seperate window, to any server running PowerShell which is managed by Opsware, in the datacenter. And that server can be any number of switches and firewalls away from your desktop, the communcation channel is securely maintained by the Opsware infrastructure.

    - We will have distributed PowerShell script support across several features, including Audit & Remediation, allowing a user to run PowerShell scripts to query or modify server settings across server groups, simultaneously.

    - We will have a pretty neat scriptblock remoting capability too, allowing one to run a scriptblock on any Opsware managed server in the datacenter,

    Back when we met in 2005, we were a single product company, the Server Automation System, but now we have Storage, Network and Process automation products. So as far as I'm concerned, we've got a lot of PowerShell integration work ahead of us. Who do I say that ? Well, over the last several months, I have spent a fair amount of time talking to fellow engineers, to prospects and to existing customers about PowerShell and our integration story. And I can tell you that people love this stuff.

    We've focussed our efforts on Server Automation System integration thus far, but - so long as it makes sense for the network enginers and storage admins and other specialized end users of our products - why not bring the benefits of PowerShell integration to those other domains, allowing people to manage EMC syms, Storage arrays, Switches,Routers, Firewalls etc, from PowerShell.



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