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Tower Of Power

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PowerShell has a lot of books to choose from and more are coming. 

See attached.  :-)

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
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    Regards to The Team


  • Which one(s) do you recommend to a user that wants to learn and use PowerShell to monitor servers (performance counters and iis).

  • There is also the Windows PowerShell Unleashed book from  SAMS by Tyson Kopczynski.  Personally I liked Bruce Payette's PowerShell in Action.

  • <Learing the bash shell> has addressed "Command-Line Processing". I hope PowerShellTeam write the same topic about PowerShell, which is very useful to explain lots of opaque Processing.

    With these knowledges, we can infer some behavior when PowerShell process cmds.

    Thank you


  • Edengundam,

    I have not read Learning the Bash shell, but I am in the middle of Payett's Powershell in Action and it lifts the covers on Powershell so to speak. This gives you a ton of information in how to make PS do the things you want it to do.


    Sysadmin in DC

  • There is another book on PowerShell. It's mine!

    I wrote it from the viewpoint of OO-SO integration.

    PowerShell allows us to learn how to design RDB tables because it supports CSV file import/export. I really like this feature.

    Pls enjoy my book too.

  • Alan,

    I read PowerShell In Action recently. That's really a good book which exposes so many things. But I also care order of command processing such as variable expansion, operator precedence(mentioned a few but not the whole story), and so on, which are not mentioned in that book(Or I just miss it??).


  • Hi Jeffrey,

    My name is Peter - I am the author of the "PowerShell Craskurs" (the German book;) - thanks for putting my book on the shelf too. Writing it was a learning experience for me too. WPS is very challenging in many aspects and some stuff is really advanced - its a new way of thinking in certain aspects. But I am really glad that I had the chance to wrote this book and I hope some people can benefit from it (you will have to learn German first;).

    So I am really looking forward to whats next (as many, many others;)

    Hope to see you in Barcelona in November.


  • I can also say that Bruce Payette's book "Windows Powershell in Action" is very good.


    I'm sure many of the others give great coverage too. I've only read Bruce's book.

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    I've read two books: Monad (O'Reilly) and another one that isn't in the list: Powershell Quick Reference, written by Lee Holmes. Both are great books...

    I also have plans to write a book in Portuguese, focused on Brazilian IT Pro community (and other communities that speak Portuguese, of course :D ). We don't have many books of scripting and many friends of mine asked me to write a book about this subject...


    Vinicius Canto

    MVP Windows Server - Admin Frameworks

    Blog about Scripting and Windows Powershell:

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