New and Improved Cmdlet Help Editor Tool

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The latest version of the Cmdlet Help Editor has been posted on the same link. It contains a few fixes. I recommend you all upgrade to this version:

Please let me know if you have any specific questions.

Wassim Fayed[MSFT]


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  • I installed the new version but, when I try to open a help file I get a dialog box with a title of "Cmdlet Help Editor: Serious Error. Restart the program" and a message of "Windows PowerShell snap-in AspenCmdletManagement is not installed on the machine.".

  • Can anyone get this to work? [link] It spits out an error when you actually try to use it: "Windows

  • I'm getting the same error with every combination of new/open...

  • yep, I can confirm this.

    "Windows PowerShell snap-in AspenCmdletManagement is not installed on the machine"

    serious error, restart. etc.

  • If anyone else is having problems using the latest version of the cmdlet help editor -- e.g. getting error about missing

    AspenCmdletManagement snapin -- just navigate to the install directory and run installutil.exe against AspenCmdlets.dll to register the snap-in. I guess Wassim forgot to add that step to his installer.

  • Hi,

    I am sorry for the confusion. I am fixing this issue and will have an updated version in a couple of hours.


  • Hi,

    The Cmdlet Help Editor tool which was released on Friday has been refreshed. The previous version required a test assembly which I removed from this version. Please install this latest drop which should not require you to run the installutil.exe against the AspenCmdlets.dll. You should be able to remove the AspneCmdlets.dll from your registered PSSnapins once you migrate to this latest drop. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused.

  • First blog post, self introduction, etc, etc. And some tips on Visual Studio 2005 tweaking for writing Cmdlets. ...

  • Maybe I'm missing something, but, I edit the XML file.  I specify it in my Snapin Configuration entries, and I get an error loading the file when I try to call "get-help".  Am I missing something?

  • 一开始接触POWERSHELL,是因为上司要求用脚本管理Hyper-V上面的操作系统和服务。实现一些产品在测试环境的部署和恢复。当然方法有很多,但是我第一时间,想起了现在比较流行的POWERSHELL...

  • This utility is really neat. However it seems or place the parameters in the wrong order if some of the parameters are specified in a base class. The positional property is correct, but the order displayed in the help summary contains the non-inherited parameters first, even if the inherited parameters have lower positional numbers. Would love a fix for this so I didn't have to edit the MAML manually afterwards each time I make a modification to it.

  • I was wondering if I could post an update of this help editor to my blog:

    I've reverse engineered it with Reflector so I wanted to ask permission before I would do so.


  • Yet another tool, script module, open source by nature :)

    The module builds PowerShell MAML help files from PowerShell help scripts. Help scripts are almost WYSIWYG, they look very similar to the result help. Still, they are just scripts and this makes a lot of useful features easy. One of them is building help files for several cultures.

  • Just in case, the mentioned above script module Helps moved to GitHub:

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New and Improved Cmdlet Help Editor Tool