IT-Forum: Demo files for all talks

IT-Forum: Demo files for all talks

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Attached is a zip file containing all the demo files I've used at IT Forum.

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  • Hi.  

    powershell looks cool.  BUT ......

    Got REALLY simple query .. maybe i am dumb but google/live search cannot answer this easily.  Dunno why .. should be a simple request but seems no one has posted this.  

    just a beginner wants some help .. so no arsehole RTFM comments.  If my queries in google/live search dont help then the FM has some problems !

    I want to connect to a sql server.  specifying a username/password.  run a sql query and pass the result of that query to another program installed locally on machine.  Can anyone help ?  

  • This script wrote to need version 1 here.

    But occurs exceptions in ps v1.0. I know that wpf need sta thread, so occurs this thread error.

    What do i wrong? If so, what is right way?

  • Hi.. working on the start-demo.. it works great, but I have some questions.

    1. should I load the start-demo.ps1 file in my profile (it seems to work)

    2. if I do a $a = get-process and afterward do a $a nothing happens. How can I assign varibles in the demo script?

  • How are you calling start-demo.ps1?  You can add it to your profile if you wish, or just call it when you want it (. ./start-demo.ps1).

    I was able to do $a=get-process, then $a in a demo script I wrote.  You'll have to specify all the steps in detail if you're still have problems.

  • It's a bit silent on my blog lately, as I'm very busy and had to catch up some work after the IT Forum.

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