RedMonk Interview

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I did an interview with Michael Cote from RedMonk at IT Forum earlier this week. It runs 10 minutes and covers a range of topic including our V2 CTP. You can check it out HERE. I've had a number of talks with Michael and really enjoy them. Michael has a deep background in both Unix and Management (he used to work for BMC) so he always asks great questions (both technical and cultural) and really gets the answers.

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  • Hi, I have a Windows 2003 Server R2, Standard 64-bit Edition, SP2, with Exchange 2007 installed.

    This has both 32-bit PowerShell and 64-bit PowerShell. I am executing Exchange Management Shell cmdlets from managed code, from a COM+ Application built for "any CPU".

    I get the "No Windows PowerShell Snap-ins are available for version 1" error, indicating the 64-bit Exchange Management Shell snap-in Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Admin cannot be loaded into 32-bit PowerShell. Attempting to run EMS cmdlets in both version verifies that 64-bit works, and 32-bit returns the above error.

    How do I uninstall 32-bit PowerShell? There seems no way to specify in managed code to load the snap-in in 64-bit PowerShell. My only other course of action is to remove 32-bit and hope it finds the 64-bit PowerShell.

    This seems like a massive oversight with PowerShell. Surely there are many people out there who need to load 64-bit snap-ins and get the same error on a 64-bit machine.


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RedMonk Interview