Installing Windows PowerShell V2 (CTP)

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We released Windows PowerShell V2 (CTP) a while back. We have introduced remoting and Graphical PowerShell in the CTP and these place some additional set of dependencies on PowerShell installation. The earlier dependency on .Net 2.0 still holds good.

1.       WS-Management v1.1 is required for PowerShell remoting as the remoting infrastructure uses it for connecting to remote computers

2.       .Net 3.0 is required for using Graphical PowerShell

This modifies the behavior of the installer a bit.

1.       Any previous versions of Windows PowerShell that you have installed needs to be removed before this CTP can be installed. This includes v1 RTM and any other pre-release RTM versions like betas, RCs etc. Refer to Uninstalling Previous Versions of PowerShell below to know more about uninstallation steps.

2.       The requirement for WS-Management V1.1 depends on your OS version.

a.       On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 – WS-Management v1.1 needs to be downloaded and installed, before you can install the CTP. The installer will fail if it detects that the required version of WS-Management is not installed. Refer to  for more details

b.      On Windows Vista RTM, the installer will not block, but you will not be able to use remoting features. This is because no public installers are available for WS-Management v1.1 for Windows Vista RTM

c.       WS-Management v1.1 comes preinstalled in Vista SP1 from beta1 and Windows Server 2008 starting beta3. No extra action is required in these cases.

3.       The installer will not block if you do not have .Net 3.0. You can continue to install PowerShell and start to use all the new features with the regular console. If you want to use Graphical PowerShell, then you will need to install .Net 3.0. Graphical PowerShell will fail to launch if it detects that the right version of .Net framework is not available. Refer to   for instructions

Uninstalling Previous Versions of PowerShell

PowerShell v1 RTM shipped as updates to the OS. Therefore, it will show up only in the updates section. To look for previous versions, do the following:

 On Windows XP/Server 2003:

·         Go to Add/Remove Programs

·         Select Show Updates

·         Look for any of the following KB numbers which indicate earlier versions of PowerShell

o   KB926139 – Windows PowerShell v1.0 RTM – English Language Version

o   KB926140 – Windows PowerShell v1.0 RTM – Localized Installation Package

o   KB926141 – Windows PowerShell v1.0 RTM – MUI pack

o   KB925228 – Windows PowerShell v1.0 RC2

·         Versions of V1 prior to RC2 are MSI based installations and they will appear as Windows PowerShell in the programs list

·         Uninstall the previous version that’s installed

On Windows Vista:

·         Go to Programs and Features

·         Click on View Installed Updates

·         Look for any of the following KB numbers which indicate earlier versions of PowerShell

o   KB928439 – Windows PowerShell 1.0 RTM

o   KB923569 – Windows PowerShell 1.0 RC2

·         Version of V1 prior to RC2 are MSI based installations and they will appear as Windows PowerShell in the installed programs list

·         Uninstall the previous version that’s installed

On Windows Server 2008:

·         Launch Server Manager

·         Go to Features

·         Click on Uninstall Features. This brings up a list of installed features to choose from

·         Select Windows PowerShell and uninstall


Narayanan Lakshmanan [MSFT]

Windows PowerShell Development


This posting is provided "AS IS" and confers no rights or warranties.


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  • Did you see this post at

  • Have encountered a backwards compatibility bug that breaks some of my existing PowerShell 1 functions.  PowerShell 2 seems to handle $Args differently.  For example:

    function Test-Args { "Args: $Args" }

    With PowerShell 1:

     PS> Test-Args One Two Three --Switch

     Args: One Two Three --Switch

    With PowerShell 2 CTP:

     PS> Test-Args One Two Three --Switch

     Args: One Two Three Switch

    Notice th missing "--" on the Switch argument.  Can anyone explain the difference? and how to get the PowerShell 1 behaviour in PowerShell 2?

  • I have installed PS2.0 CTP without uninstalling V1.0. And then I uninstalled V1.0 and V2.0 and will reinstall V2.0 again. But I can not do than, because EvendID 867. And I see, the certificate of the V2.0-Package is blocked from his publisher, that is microsoft. Where is it wrong? And how can I do istall it?

    thanks for help.


  • Thanks for reporting this, Andrew.

    This is an issue with the V2 CTP, and has since been resolved.

    In the future, the PowerShell Connect site is an even better place to report issues.



    I own a Greek Windows XP SP 2 version

    I try to install WS-management 1.1 (in order to install Powershell v2 CT)  but the installer complains that my System Language is different than the package i am trying to install.

    I tried to find a solution but nothing came up.

    Is there any solution?

    Thank you

  • PS CTP 2 requires winrm with a wsmsvc.dll version 6.0.6001.18.089 or greater.

    How do I uninstall the dll if I have a previous one ? (Windows Vista)


  • PowerShell v2 CTP will not uninstall after an upgrade to Windows Vista SP2 RC.  Since this OS is not a supported OS for PowerShell v2 CTP.  Since PowerShell v2 CTP2/3 will not remove the old version, I'm stuck in no man's land with no way to upgrade PowerShell until Vista SP2 comes out.  It would be nice if manual uninstall information was made available in someplace users could find.

  • You can manually delete the POwerShell folder (after taking ownership from Trusted Instaler) under C:\windows\system32\windowspowershell

    and the powershell registry entries under hklm:\software\microsoft\powershell

    That should do the trick

  • Thanks for the blog. It helped me remove Powershell 1.0 from Win server 2008.

  • How do you upgrade to V2 on Server 2008 if other features are dependent on Powershell?  I removed Powershell using Features, and was forced to also remove another feature that is dependent on Powershell (Windows Server Backup Features, Command line tools).  Then I installed V2.  When I tried to enable the Command line tools, it forced me to install Powershell (V1).  Now it appears V2 is no longer on the server.

    Windows Update is disabled via group policy on our servers, so I can't check to see if an upgrade is available.

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Installing Windows PowerShell V2 (CTP)