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Updated Windows PowerShell Help topics are now live in the TechNet library at We'll be updating weekly, so keep it bookmarked and check back frequently.


If you misplace this easy-to-recall URL, you can find us anyway:

1.       Go to TechNet (

2.       Click the Library tab.

3.       In the TOC, click Windows PowerShell.


And, of course: 

Function Get-LiveHelp


(new-object -com shell.application).Open("")


 The cmdlet help, about help, and provider help topics that come with Windows PowerShell are in the Windows PowerShell Core node to leave room for the help topics of other technologies that are delivering Windows PowerShell components.


The help topics that we posted this week include the help for Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP, so please read with the appropriate dose of caution. The help for the preview release, just like the code, is likely to change as we refine the features for RTM.


This is a great advance for us, because we'll be able to deliver updated help files -- with new examples, clearer descriptions, and bug fixes -- without making you wait for the next Windows PowerShell release. If you report a doc bug, you can see the fix soon after we do.


And because we're publishing online, the help includes formatting, hyperlinks, and even graphics. (It was tough to doc Out-GridView without a screenshot!)


How can you help? Send feedback. Please send bugs, comments, questions, suggestions, and accolades to The feedback goes directly to the Windows PowerShell Documentation Team (me).


June Blender [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell Documentation

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  • Please don't mind my poor English. I have no idea where to post this stupid question, so I post it here for your help.

    I'm reading "How Windows PowerShell Works" now, and there is one sentence confused me for a long time.

    I copy the original text here: "At Windows PowerShell startup, the Windows PowerShell provider infrastructure passes to the session state the Windows PowerShell paths to desired .cmdletprovider files, with optional provider details. When it obtains required information from the session state, the Windows PowerShell provider infrastructure calls the Start method on each provider for any necessary initialization."

    Here is my question:

    1. what is a '.cmdletprovider '? I already have searched it, but there is little information for me.

    2. 'PS provider infrastructure passes to the session state the Windows PowerShell paths to desired .cmdletprovider files' means want, sorry for my poor English, I cannot understand the relation among the infrastructure, session state, and .cmdletprovider files. Can you explain it more clearly for me?

    Thank you for any help.

  • im new to powershell

    so new that ive learned a lot from that Get-LiveHelp function.


    By the way , how can i send keys to a application from Powershell (ie notepad) ?

  • Hi Edengundam;

    That paragraph is out of date and no longer applies. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Historically, .cmdletprovider files acted as file-based registration mechanisms for PowerShell providers. When you registered a PowerShell provider on your system, PowerShell stored the information it needed (DLL path, etc) in .cmdletprovider files on your file system.


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