PowerShell: "Highway to Hell"?

PowerShell: "Highway to Hell"?

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Today a search result for PowerShell pointed to a blog with the phrase "Highway to Hell" in it.  I always like to read criticisms for ideas for things we should be doing better.  Still, "highway to hell" didn't sound like it was going to be a fun read. 

I was wrong!  It is a (positive) PowerShell song to the tune of "Highway to Hell".  :-)  That was not what I was expecting.

You can read for yourself HERE.

I'm looking forward to the video!

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  • "Thank yew... thank yew very much"... :)

    Actually I have a horrible horrible HORRIBLE singing voice.   But if ANYBODY would every like to "take up cause" and do something live to any of this I would be more than honoured...

    Cheers all


    Land of Silly

    3000+ resumes to Microsoft and counting.... ;)

  • If you're digging about the MVP theme is buried in there somewhere as well.   I believe the original I wrote is posted somewhere on http://blogs.technet.com/canitpro

    Cheers all

    Friday Funny Guy


  • Here you go, it's not in theme with "PowerShell" but it's the old MVP theme song...


  • May the Powershell community forgive and the gods of Microsoft have mercy on my soul.

    I made the video.  I have to warn you it's REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (with lots of capital R's and exclamation marks) CHEEEEEEEEZZZYY.   I had the Gerbil sing for me too...

    I'll get you all the link later although it should somehow end up on Land of Silly.

  • Here's the  hyperlink.

    Watch it with a beer.  It's REALLY bad... B)

    and I don't mean "good" bad.  I mean "BAAAD" bad.


  • Forgot the link. oops.


  • Sean 写了一首关于Powershell的填词改编歌曲Highway to PowerShell,PowerShell团队blog 提及 了它,然后Sean 又 将其拍摄了 视频 :

  • Sean 写了一首关于Powershell的填词改编歌曲Highway to PowerShell,PowerShell团队blog 提及 了它,然后Sean 又 将其拍摄了 视频 :

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