Scripting Games 2008

Scripting Games 2008

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The Scripting Guys have REALLY upped their game with this year's Scripting Games 2008 being held between Feb 15 and march 3rd.  This year you can submit scripts in either VBScript, Perl or PowerShell.  They have an amazing brochure describing the event in full color downloadable HERE.

Sign up and show that what you can do with PowerShell!

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  • Hi guys,

           sorry for hijacking your thread. I am going to move to a windows based development environment after working on *nix for a lot many years.

    I would like to ease the pain of this transition, so I would like to know if there is a way to use unix-ify powershell?

    I know about the Busybox project - so is it possible to use it with Powershell?


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