"The smile starts with PowerShell..."

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Peter Varhol of RedmondMag.Com has a very good look at Windows Server 2008 HERE.   He does a good job covering some of the points of a very large release.  He has some particularly kind words for PowerShell.  Here the start of that section:

"The quality of the release is directly related to the quality of tools provided to nurse it through its daily chores. In this regard, Windows Server 2008 might just bring a smile to all the overworked admins out there. The smile starts with PowerShell, the widely reported replacement to the NT command script workhorse in use for over a decade."

I like the comment about "overworked admins".  I think about how we can help those folks all day long.  I firmly believe that admining Windows:

1) Shouldn't have to be this hard.
2) Should be FUN!

When we are done, if you aren't having fun managing windows it means one of 2 things.  :-)

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  • Improvements in technology don't allow people to work less.  They just make you more efficient so you can be overworked in some other aspect of your job.

    Managers will say, "well so-and-so isn't working nearly as hard as he used to, let him manage 50% more servers than he was before and I'll look good and get a raise."

    Good selling point for the managers though... I guess.

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"The smile starts with PowerShell..."