10 Cool things you can do with Windows PowerShell

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Check out Jody Gilberts TechRepublic's article HERE.  It is a surprisingly eclectic list.  It shows that she's been kicking the tires.  I can wait to see what else she comes up with.

I especially liked her caveat:

Note: Be careful, very careful

Yes, this is a tool worthy of the name. PowerShell can easily cause massive configuration changes, positive or negative — so protect yourself and establish a test environment for your learning experiences. Also consider using the “-confirm” parameter to test configurations before execution for certain commands.

Or as Peter Parker learned, "With great power, comes great responsibility".

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  • We are a Microsoft ISV, we build server products that run on the Windows Server platform.

    We are very seriously considering moving our management SDk to Powershell (right now, our SDK is COM/VB script based). I am looking to make a business case to upper management and execs to convince them to move to Powershell.

    Can you help me make my case/justification? I have seen tonnes of technical stuff on Powershell - example scripts, snippets, how tos etc.. What I am looking for is business analysis eg: How much $$ of savings can I acheive my moving to Powershell? How much faster/easier/more intuitive it is with Powershell? Looking for lots of numbers...


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10 Cool things you can do with Windows PowerShell