New (French) PowerShell Book Available

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This is the first PowerShell book to be available in French.  Details available HERE.

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows Management Partner Architect
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  • Hi, Jeff,

    I have a very large file(648MB) and I want to find out line count of it. I use

    cat largefile.txt | measure-object -line

    But it took forever to run. So

    1) Is there a faster alternative in PS?

    2) Why does it take so long to run? And it seems to be consuming a lot of resource too. Is it get-content cause the exhaustion of resource or measure-object is resource hog?



  • I bought this book on Microsoft TechDays 2008. It is good and not too hard. If you speak french it's a good solution to learn PowerShell.

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New (French) PowerShell Book Available