Dr Dobbs PowerShell Article

Dr Dobbs PowerShell Article

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Check out Doug Finke's excellent PowerShell article in Dr Dobbs HERE.

It is exactly the sort of crisp yet meaty content that makes Dr Dobbs so useful.  If you have a Developer friend that hasn't yet caught the PowerShell bug, this would be a great article for them to read.

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  • Get this error message and being a newbie to PS unable to correct.  This fits my need perfectly.

    Unexpected token 'row' in expression or statement.

    At C:\DOCUME~1\User\LOCALS~1\Temp\Untitled6.ps1:51 char:21

    +                 $columnName $row[ <<<< $columnName]

    Code Snippet:

    function Convert-DSToObject


    param ($dataSet, $tableName)

    if(!$dataSet) { "need a dataset please"; return }

    if(!$tableName) { "need a tablename please"; return}

    $columnNames = $dataSet.Tables[$tableName].Columns

    $dataSet.Tables[$tableName].Rows |foreach


    $row = $_

    $o = New-Object PSObject

    $columnNames | foreach


    $columnName = $_

    $o = $o | Add-Member -PassThru NoteProperty

    $columnName $row[$columnName]





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