PowerShell Remoting using SSH!

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Can't wait for us to ship PowerShell Remoting?

Want remoting to use SSH?

Why wait for us?  /N software has just announced a beta of their NetCmdlets V2.0 which provides PowerShell remoting over SSH today!  They've had this for  a while and V2 updates (and improves) the usability of the cmdlets as well as adding a bunch of new and exciting commands.

For example, chances are that you won't ever see Microsoft ship the [get/send]-s3 cmdlets but /n software V2 does.  :-)

Check it out!

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
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  • $80 for a trivial function I get for free on Linux or even with Cygwin?  Are you kidding???  

  • I agree with Mike, Are you serious?  This functionality should have been available in Powershell V1

  • I wish Microsoft would add SSH to Windows and Powershell.

  • Thats typical Microsoft

  • I agree with the comments here. I love powershell and would love SSH included, but honestly putty is free and works fine for me. What does $80 really buy me that I can't already do?

    Microsoft is so hit and miss sometimes. Powershell is a really powerful platform, but then you leave out something as critical as this. It's like building a Ferrari without brakes.

    Powershell is fantastic, don't get me wrong. I'm using it more and more every day. I started as a VB'er, C# is my primary language and 80% of my work is on Microsoft stuff. The other 20% being Linux, I can appreciate some of the advantages of Linux over Windows, and Powershell closes that gap significantly.

    Then MS drops the ball and leaves SSH out? Really? It's 2012 now and I still need to turn to 3rd party, premium software for this functionality. If MS really wants to encroach upon the Linux world and offer a shell that's superior (or at least comparable) to popular shells like BASH and KSH, then it needs to offer the same core components of these other shells.

    I assume that, ideally, Powershell would overtake Linux shells and there would be some sort of migration from Linux to Windows core, in the MS dream. How can you do that if you don't support SSH? Are you really going to win over open-source linux junkies if the only way you can get real SSH is with an $80 tool?

    Backwards compatibility would be nice as well. I can understand the need to standardize function names and such: it's a well-deserved criticism of the Linux platform. You can't ignore backwards compatibility, and if MS is serious about PowerShell then why wouldn't they offer a backwards-compatibility library or something? There needs to be a stop-gap for migration. It's unrealistic to expect an organization to migrate from Linux to Windows if that involves translating and testing all existing scripts.


    C'mon guys. It's 2012. I'd love to see MS offer a stronger alternative to Linux, but you're not going to get there like this.

  • It's 2012, Robear! This post is from 2008. Powershell remoting has been around for at least three years. Welcome to the future! :D

  • Thank for letting us know we are in the future, James, but Powershell is still in the past as it still doesn't include built-in ssh.  Most likely Robear is talking about connecting to Unix/Linux via SSH.  Yes, you can use sharpSSH and plink.exe but there are issues with using either of these so I use both but still encounter issues.   Powershell remoting does work with other Windows Systems so with that your correct.  Microsoft, please build in SSH into Powershell and help make supporting Linux/Unix/Windows a little easier.  If you know of another tool which can be used within powershell for ssh connections to Unix/Linux please post, it would be great to try it.  

  • The OpenSSH client that comes with Git works absolutely fine for me in PS.

  • It's 2014 - Why does Microsoft STILL not include basic SSH / SCP functions as one of their core operating system functions? I want to fall in love with PowerShell... I really do, but I'm constantly let down and forced to use alternate products in order to meet my needs.

  • Everyone who want built-in SSH should go and vote: wpdev.uservoice.com/.../6510413-please-please-add-ssh

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PowerShell Remoting using SSH!