Tower of Power - Part 2

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I was thrilled to get a copy of Arnaud Petitjean's new Powershell book (in French) and add it to my Tower of Power (below).

I've got to tell you, if I'm ever having a bad day - I just look at the Tower of Power and things get better! 


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  • 10,000 apologizes to Lee Holmes for not including his book in the Tower of Power pic (it was next to

  • The new powershell book is here in Japan.

  • Hey, you guys are cheating! The lowest book in the stack is just the german translation of Bruce's book! ;-)

  • can you recomment a book for absolute beginners. i want to learn power shell for Windows administration.

    thank you.

  • Hi, Jaez.

    There are lots of great books. For learning, I really love Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks' PowerShell TFM 2.0. If you need prepared solutions, try Lee Holmes' PowerShell Cookbook 2.0. (Be sure to get the 2.0 versions.)

    Don Jones just released a "PowerShell in a Month of Lunches" book. I haven't seen it, but if I were learning PowerShell from scratch, that approach would really appeal to me.

    Also, many of the blogs tackle pretty advanced topics, but the user forums handle more basic questions. The general forum is a great place to share questions and read.

    Hope this helps,


    June Blender [MSFT]

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Tower of Power - Part 2