New Free Windows PowerShell Quick Reference Card

New Free Windows PowerShell Quick Reference Card

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I've been working with the folks over at Developer Zone on a quick reference card for PowerShell, based on my book. The card is now complete and is available as a free download. (PDF, registration required.)powershell_ref_card

This is an 8-page card that covers the PowerShell language, common commands and  examples. The card was written primarily for developers (it is Developer Zone after all) and for people with existing scripting experience. Even so, if you're using PowerShell, it should be a handy reference to the environment.


Bruce Payette [MSFT]
Principal Developer,
Windows PowerShell Team

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  • Thanks for doing such a great job on the Windows PowerShell refcard, Bruce. I really believe it will be useful to everyone who gets it.

    We're going to be sending this one to the printer soon, so I will get you some copies as soon as we get them back!



  • Its not really free if you have to register, why not just share it up?

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  • Im not the best at powershell, but this looks wrong. Page 6, Operators for working with types.

    -is example: $true -is [object] | $true | This is always true – everything is

    an object except $null     <- sounds good

    -isnot example: $true -isnot [object] | $true | The null value is the only thing that

    isn’t an object.

    shouldnt this return $false because $true is not null, making it an object?

  • Thanks.

    btw there's a typo on the first sentence:

    "...provide a powerful, well-integrated command-line experience for the operation system"

    You could fix the typo by...

    "operation" -replace "on", "ng"


  • I appreciate the cheat sheet (at least I will as soon as I register for yet another developer site), but I also agree that it should be available without registration.

    Frankly, even with the "Graphical Documentation", the state of PowerShell 1.0's documentation is appalling.  Searching blogs is the best way to find out shell syntax and features.  While I will admit that searching the web is great for SUPPLEMENTING the core documentation, I don't think it should SUPPLANT the core documentation.

    Since the cmdlets are all self-documenting, why does the "Getting Started" guide not provide all of the syntax and less about cmdlets?  After all, knowing which about_* help topic you want is hit or miss...

    I'm hoping that PowerShell 2.0 includes something a little closer to MSDN Library standards.

  • On page 2, in the Commands table:

    "... documnets for with there are ..."

    should be

    "... documnets for which there are ..."

  • Bruce,

    Thought I would help the state of documentation along with some proofreading / suggestions:

    Microsoft would probably appreciate it if you capitalized Word in the Commands table on page 2.

    The first while Loop example is an infinite loop.

    I think the first Unary Operator should be negation (and not assignment); the example and results are right, but the operator and description are not.  There is a similar issue with the unary plus operator.  The descriptions of the type cast and array (comma) operators are wrong.

    What's the difference between Set-Item and Set-Content

    The Corresponding .NET Types for all of the entries between and including [array] and [switch] are wrong; the correct entry for [array] is missing and the rest are shifted up one cell.

    It would be nice if there was a little more exposition on the [switch] type; it is quite powerful, very useful, and I had to discover its workings on my own.

    Does the -as operator throw an exception or just return $null on failure?  I know I can find that out easily for myself, but it's the sort of thing that would be handy in the cheat sheet.

    There seems to be a misplaced bit of text on page 6 at the end of "Accessing Instance Members:" :

    "Working With Collections: ForEach-Object, Where-Object"

    They were already discussed in "Flow-control Statements:" by their aliases.

    In the hot tip on page 6, you might want to say "the beginning of 2006" instead of "the beginning of this year".  Of course that alters your other examples, so maybe you want to use $now.Year + "/01/01".  Likewise with the Christmas examples.

    You might want to mention New-Object in the .NET section as well as the COM section.

    In the COM section, you might want to change "used as the Windows automation mechanism" to "used as a Windows automation mechanism".

    The usage here-string for Get-Spelling should probably be in the format for PowerShell script used in the rest of the document, instead of the format for body text.

    The header on page 8 "BUILDING CUSTOM OBJECTS IN POWERSHELL" is wrong; it should be about errors and debugging instead.

    "The behavior of the trap statement can be altered with the break and continue statements."  How?

  • Jeez, they sure want a lot of information to register, too much for me.

  • That website wants to know WAY TOO MUCH about me.  

    I'm a big fan of PS and I'd love to have a copy of this PDF.

    But their profile data looks like it was designed to be sold.  I'm really tired of unsolicited crap resulting from my address and profile being sold by websites like these.  Sorry, they just don't look trustworthy!

    Bruce, I hope whatever they paid you for this content was worth keeping it locked away behind their shady registration.

  • And they seem to think that names and cities should not be the single character "a"

  • Way too much BS for me. I will go without

  • As usual nothing in this world is really for free.

    You pay with a lot of personal information, and that could ending up being very expensive.

  • I can't afford the cost of the registration!

  • Id does not look right to ask for detailed registration to download "free" Quick Reference Card. It is a way you collect information about users and registration should be optional is the only thing user is interested in is a download.

    I'm going to download this document from P2P, not from here.

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