New Free Windows PowerShell Quick Reference Card

New Free Windows PowerShell Quick Reference Card

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I've been working with the folks over at Developer Zone on a quick reference card for PowerShell, based on my book. The card is now complete and is available as a free download. (PDF, registration required.)powershell_ref_card

This is an 8-page card that covers the PowerShell language, common commands and  examples. The card was written primarily for developers (it is Developer Zone after all) and for people with existing scripting experience. Even so, if you're using PowerShell, it should be a handy reference to the environment.


Bruce Payette [MSFT]
Principal Developer,
Windows PowerShell Team

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  • With all the registration,  I still couldn't download.  The link takes you no where...

  • This looks like a good reference I have never used power-shell

  • I'm sure its a great guide, but as mentioned previously by other correspondents, I'm not prepared to sell my soul to read it.

    If its that good then either openly share it for free (without the dodgy 'registration'), or stick it on Amazon.

    Offering it behind a spam generator degrades your professionalism.

  • A question, I am just learning powershell and I am not sure if it is a typo or not, but on page 3, the "if" example reads:

    if ($a –eq 13) { “A is 13} else {“A is not 13”}

    Is it missing a quote after the "A is 13" ? it would seem to, but I am not sure if the syntax works or not.

    great resource! thanks for making it available.

  • Just based on what I have read on this page - dont want it.

  • It has been blocked from dowloading by the author. Would have been nice to know this before having to register.

  • For a simple cheat sheet, I am not going to register.

    I you want a wide audience to adopt this technology don't make us jump through hurdles to get at the information we need to implement it.

  • Given all the suggestions about typos, etc., this feels like a beta release.

    To all the paranoid folk who are uncomfortable registering themselves:  May I recommend open source tools instead of Microsoft?


  • Documentation? What documentation. This is yet another scam. If software needs a manual it should come with a manual. How much is an Apple Mac these days?

  • Sheesh. I haven't seen this cheatsheet yet, but I am an enthusiastic and appreciative user of many of DZone's cheatsheets. I think these products are well worth providing a minute of data entry and so far I haven't found them to abuse the privilege.

    They're a business, and businesses need to monetize their products somehow. If you want free, you gotta give something else of value back, and that's usually marketing info. Such is life.

    Also, I disagree that there's anything wrong with neglecting to mention that registration is required. More info is always better, but free if free.

  • Well, Well, WELL!!! It looks like Micro$oft has done it again!!! After reading the above comments, I am not sure I want to go anywhere NEAR this Power-Whatsit thingy!!! And the rego for nothing, NOWHERE? -(Broken link) - You gotta be KIDDIN' me RIGHT???

    Think I might stick to learning something that's been tried and tested, (AND PROVED!).

    Something a little more like LINUX!!!

  • Thank you for your creativity.

    This knowledge open new vision of the person of the future: creative, highly spiritual, itself sufficient.

  • Link about "New Free Windows PowerShell Quick Reference Card" is not working

  • it's nice to find shell in windows, (but it still unknown)

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