When Will PowerShell V2 Ship?

When Will PowerShell V2 Ship?

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By far, the most frequently asked question at TechEd 2008 was, "When will PowerShell V2 Ship?".  We are expressly prohibited from answering that question and I know that that can be frustrating.  I can say this:

We are now feature complete with V2.  History has shown that when we reach this stage of development, it takes us a year, plus or minus a quarter, before it is generally available.

Let me be quick to add that past performance is NOT an guarantee of future performance.  At the end of the day, we have an extensive quality process and the community lets us know when it is ready to ship.

The second most frequently asked question was, "When is the next CTP?".  We have not booked a plan for that yet.  That said, people have observed that we have often tried to coordinate important things with IT Forum in Nov.


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
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  • Jeffrey:  Any idea whether or not the WinRM team is going to do a non Vista-only installer so the rest of us can enjoys these great new features?

  • I'm sorry I have to post a problem that is not related to this article here, as I do not know where to ask.

    The following is my test script:

    function Test()


       $a1 = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList




       $a2 = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList


       Write-Host "In Function Test Count:" $a2.Count



    $a = Test

    Write-Host "Out Function Test Count:" $a2.Count

    The Result:

    In Function Test Count: 1

    Out Function Test Count: 3

    I do not know why, it seems that ArrayList embed in ArrayList is converted to a flat ArrayList when returned from Function.

    my email is isml_smile@hotmail.com. Could you send me the answer?Thanks very much.

  • isml:  The best place to have PowerShell questions answered is generally on the MSDN forums, unless you're part of the previous betas or already registerd on Microsoft Connect (great forums there with tons of helpful people)

    As for your conundrum, you are correct that an ArrayList added to another ArrayList doesn't populated the items from the second ArrayList into the first, but rather puts the whole first ArrayList in the next open element of the second ArrayList.

  • Eric,

    The WinRM 2.0 CTP works on Server 2008 also.  You were looking for XP and/or 2003?

    I can ask the WinRM PM...

  • Isml's problem is also rooted into the fact that scoping is involved here.

    PS> get-help about_scope

    His last $a2.count is in a different scope than the $a2 within the function, so they are not "connected".

  • Yes Marco, in my environment, we still have some Win2k stragglers, but mostly XP and Server2003 (only one Server2008 so far, but that will change towards the end of the year)

    I got a copy of Vista at home, but only one, so right now I can't do remoting at work OR at home.  From what I gather the only reason for this is the choice the WinRM team made on the redistributable package they chose for the 2.0 CTP.



  • Thanks Marco, I didn't even catch that on first glance.  I also wanted to apologize if my original post about WinRM came off as snarky.  I'm a big fan of PowerShell and use it on a daily basis to make my life easier.  But to me, PowerShell V1 was just a stepping off point.  

    Until Remoting is part of the package, I still have to connect to a plethora of machines via RDP and run scripts manually, or look at GPO solutions (which I'm not high enough in the food chain to even suggest)

    To that end, any insight/details you could offer on the final release of WinRM and it's redistributable packaging would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks again,


  • WinRM 2.0 CTP2 was released on June 20th.  Still only supports Vista/2008.  I didn't receive a response to my queries about support for other OSs.

  • I'm trying to only get the Synopsis for Cmdlets in PowerShell V2.

    foreach ( $a in get-command | sort name) { write-host $a.name ">>"(get-help $a.name).synopsis `n}

    For some Cmdlets an return is returned.

    Are there help Files missing?

    Thx, Manfrd

  • The ft/fl bug in v1 is a real pain - either a patch for v1 or quicker piping of v2 would be much appreciated...

  • Do i understand correctly that we can't install powershell v2 on system that installs sql server 2008? Sql Server 2008 installs it's own "PS mini shell" and doesn't provide for un-installing it. When i try to install it tells me that i have to remove the previous version.

  • If you install Poweshell v2 then install SQL 2008 afterwards, SQL sees PS as already present and installs it's extensions then itself. Then it and Powershell v2 work just fine.

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