PowerShell Laptop Stickers

PowerShell Laptop Stickers

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I think I've blogged about this in the past but I keep getting asked about the cool PowerShell sticker I have on my laptop so I'll mention it again.  The superstars at Nsoftware are giving away free PowerShell stickers HERE

No laptop is complete without one!  :-)
Hmmmm there's a thought:  "PowerShell Inside". 

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
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  • Yeah they are really cool - I'm lucky enough to have one on my laptop too. Thing is, there is a real lack of Powershell related merchanise isn't there?

    I would love to have things like mugs, T-Shirts (Still hoping that my Scripting games 2008 one will show up ... eventually!), Polo Shirts, Baseball Caps, Pens, USB Keys, Lanyards, Jotters and keyrings.

    Why can't we get things like that?



  • Hi,

    sorry that i write this comment here, but there seems to be no adress for contact on the page of the windows donloading center for telling that there is a wrong link.

    so actually there is no possibility to get powershell for a german user than reinstalling windows, because the multilanguage link for powershell x86 for xp is linked to the english version.

    i would be glad if you could send this note to someone whom it concerns.

    thx a lot

  • Hi Tim,

    check if this link works for you:





  • Hi Tim,

    You need to look at the localized packs (rather than MUI packages) as dreeschkind suggested.

  • I just got my powershell stickers... honestly, I'm disappointed.  The quality on them is terrible, I'm not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, but these are going to look awful on a laptop, or elsewhere.

    The quality reminds me of the cheap self-printed labels for CDs, no lamination and the color has bled all over the sticker.

    I just hope mine was from a different batch (I think they lost my first request and I had to send a 2nd) and you guys at least got good quality stickers.

  • @Kellen -

    You must be more persnickety than I am - I love my sticker.


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