PowerShellPlus V2.0

PowerShellPlus V2.0

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One of the highlights of my IT Forum talks last year came when I had Tobias Weltner demo PowerShellPlus V1.0.  It rocked the house.  The power and thoughtfullness of the tool was very clear.

Since then, Tobias has teamed up with the folks over at Idera to launch a new version of PowersShellPlus they are calling PowerShellPlus Professional Edition.  Rick Pleczko is the CEO of Idera and I've known him for many years.  He is a super smart guy who has always had a good bead on the needs of the IT community so I'm pretty optimitistic about the 2 of them getting together.

A beta release of the new version of the new PowerShellPlus product is out today and I think you'll be impressed.  There’s some neat code completion stuff in there, and a slick interactive learning center (with cmdlet help, wmi help and fully interactive tutorials built in).  I think it will be useful to the full range of users - experts and novices alike.  Idera lets you download and test drive it for free (I told you Rick understood IT people :-)).   

You can download it HERE.


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
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  • Will PowerShellPlus allow me to create actual scripts? I mean real scripts, the kind I can run from Windows Explorer by double-clicking them or from the command prompt by typing "PowerShellPlus c:\My Scripts\Test.ps1".

    I ask because PowerShell's default configuration makes it entirely useless to me. It is pointless to give scripts to anyone because they simply cannot run them. Thus we are left with batch files.

    And honestly, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You spent all that time and resources making a scripting language, then made it worthless by these mind-boggling restrictions.

    Right now I am writing my scripts in VB because they, unlike you, will actually let me execute them.

  • Jonathan, do u really understand what Powershell is and what it's for? .ps1 restrictions aren't there to annoy you.

    Also, VBscripts are executed .. thanks to the Windows Scripting Host, included with the OS. Same as Powershell will be.

  • No, I have to agree Jonathan Allen...  The keyword in your retort is "yet" and with the dismal adoption rate that Windows Vista is experiencing lately it really needed to come up with something that can run on existing systems without having to install additional components.  Many organization for one will be skipping Vista altogether and would rather not have to add Powershell installations to their PC build routine...

  • Hi Jonathan ,

    Give it time man . Remember Rome wasn't built in a day . Remember Powershell is still new . Having said that its so mature in so many ways that VB script is not . As Michel said its a feature in 2008 Server already I bet it will be included in future windows Client versions as well . Its a different enviornment then the command console its a shell .As for running scripts is powershell.exe scriptname.ps1 ok from a command prompt . Even if you give batch files pointing to the script that is fine I think .

    I used to use perl and for that you need to download the interpreter or you cannot do anything  . Same deal not a big deal I think to gain some functionality .

    Also there are alot of programs that require .NET (like powershell) .. Do you agree with that ?

    In time everything will happen ..I say give powershell a chance and leave vbscript alone .

    But that is me .


  • So tell me Will,

    how would you go about including PowerShell when it's released later than the OS you're using, is included in the next version of the OS, and you don't seem to want to upgrade ?

    Are there ANY other ways, of providing PowerShell as a download ?

    It is with PowerShell, as with other apps you include in your images - a first action needs to be taken, the image needs to be updated.

    Alternatively, distribute it with SMS.

    exefilename /quiet /norestart

    There... users will have it, they won't notice it hit them, and you as a sysadmin will be happy.

    There's no point in bashing scenarios like this. It's how things are, probably how things will always be.

  • And to take Michel's argument even further:

    So is the VB application (if it's .NET based), since that relies on the .NET framework.

    Which you, incidentally, also have to update regularly, or even install in some situation.

    Scripts written in VB aren't really scripts. They're applications. And if you write applications like you would scripts, you're going to make some really crappy applications, and vice versa.

    Get on with it. Install PowerShell. It's the best thing in systems administration since... well, systems administration ;D

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