Join Me Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast

Join Me Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast

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Tonight at 9pm EST (6pm PST) (UTC-4), I'll be one of Hal Rottenberg's guiests on his live Podcast.,  You can find the live show details at the top right corner of  Apparently you'll be able to ask questions but not throw beer bottles (the internet is awesome!).  I have no idea what we'll talk about so who knows what will come out.  Let's just hope I don't say anything that get's me fired.  ha ha.

 It should be fun - join us.

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  • Will powershell run on xp pro SP3?

    Also, if I put powershell on windows server 2003, will it remotely run functions on xp pro sp3 systems?

  • Ded,

    PowerShell v1 can run on XP.  For remote administation, you have various options.  In the end it will depend on what you're trying to do to determine what the easiest path might be for you to do stuff remotely.  Can you be more specific?

    Read this post for one possible method:


  • Guys, the recording of the live roundtable (as well as the rest of our regular podcast segments) will be available on on Monday Sept 8th.

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