PowerShellPlus Professional Edition Ships

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I’ve talked about PowerShellPlus a few times before and it was the hit of last years IT Forum talks.  Now The official version is now available from Idera at http://www.idera.com/products/PowerShell/ .  It is going to cost $145/user but they are offering introductory pricing of $79/user until Oct 1st.


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  • $145 for PowerShellPlus vs. $0 for PowerGUI.

    Just how stupid do you think people are out there?

  • With regard to your comment I would assume that you haven’t used PowerShell+ during the beta period. It’s a great editor and has features that PowerGUI lacks. But hey, we all have right to our own opinion. It’s a definitive buy from my point of view. I recommend it strongly.

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PowerShellPlus Professional Edition Ships