Another Great Don Jones Video Demo

Another Great Don Jones Video Demo

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This month's TechNet magazine has a great video demo from Don Jones where he uses WMI to generate a simple Software Inventory Report.  The great thing about Don is his awesome ability to break things down into a series of simple steps.  He does this by using Get-WMIObject from the command line and then goes through a series of scripts to illustrate various techniques that give you better and better results (more power, better composability).

If you are an advanced scripter, you probably already know the techniques that Don is illustrating  but this is a must see for people starting scripting - it is just so logical and straightforward.  I've attended Don's training classes and his sessions at conferences and they are all great so if you have the opportunity - you should definately run to his talks. 

You can see his video demo HERE.


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  • Jeffrey:  It looks like they've pulled Don's post for some reason.  I followed your link this morning and was prompted to install SilverLight and once I was done and restarted the browser, was befuddled to find that Don's post no longer showed on the TechNet blog.

  • Sorry about the confusion.  The blog post was down for a short period of time, due to a technical glitch, but it is back up now.

  • Hello,

    I have a question about powershell, is there a forum where I can post my question?



  • Linus, is a great spot to find answers.

    (You're likely the same "Linus" that found my powershell-users mailing list last night and Shay helped you out.)

  • Hey Marco,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I am the same Linus :)


  • Hello Marco,

    I asked my question on the, but haven't got an answer that actually solves my problem. There have been a couple of really good pointers and a worksround, but none that actually resolves the issue. I was wondering if any of the powershell gurus from MSFT could help with this.

    I won't spam this by reposting my question, but I've included the link below.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Linus, a few PowerShell team members monitor the PowerShell USENET newsgroup (use Google Groups, if nothing else, to get to it); I personally monitor the PowerShell forum at, if you'd like to post your question there. I don't get into as much as I should - unfortunately it's just been a question of time and I stay *really* busy most of the time. often gets a lot of folks replying, so I've been focusing on, where there are fewer PSH experts to help out. I also do weekly PowerShell posts at, and although we don't run forums there, you can always comment on a post and I'll usually reply.

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