ES24: Using PowerShell To Create Manageable Web Services

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Attached are the slides I presented at the PDC.


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows Management Partner Architect
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  • Didn't get to go to PDC. Thanks for putting up the slides.

    Powershell in Server Core.... FINALLY. It seemed like such a no-brainer.

  • While I enjoyed the session, it was an unfortunate choice of titles. I came to the session to learn about managing Web Service by using powershell (e.g. using MMC + Powershell to do things like manage service routing, endpoints, behaviors, etc.).

    A better choice would been "Using PowerShell To Create Management Web Services"...


  • @j

    I hear you and I apologize for that.  Late last week we were looking at the content and the title and decided that it was the wrong title.  It was too late to change it so I added that slide at the beginning about "when you create a WS...".

    I hope it wasn't a complete waste of your time.


    > ... no-brainer.

    We NEVER had a moment where we thought, "gee would anyone want this".  :-)  It has always been a matter of being able to the large quantity of work required.  It would be perfectly reasonable to scratch your head and ask, "how hard could it be?".  Trust me - it was a ton of work mostly around packaging and testing.  If it was easy - we would have done it in V1.


  • Just watched the video on the PDC website and I am still gathering myself up off the floor.  This is great stuff.  I also think I heard you say XP/2003 remoting support for CTP3 coming in December!  That's when the top of my head exploded.  I hope I heard right :)

  • Jeffrey - no, it was in no way a waste of time at all - it was incredibly informative as we are writing management web services as well. It just took a bit to recalibrate to what was being presented...

  • J,

    Tell me more...  You can do a lot of things with PowerShell and MMC, but you must be ready for advanced C# coding requirements.  If you need a UI, you can create your own with WinForms and/or WPF.  There's also PowerGUI (

    You can email me: marco DOT shaw AT gmail DOT com

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ES24: Using PowerShell To Create Manageable Web Services