PowerShell_ISE and Visual Studio

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Scott Fulton has a good article describing my PDC talk HERE.  In it he says, "Starting with version 2, a user can conceivably write new PowerShell cmdlets in PowerShell, using the built-in IDE, completely independently of Visual Studio."  This is true but there is more to the story so here it is.

PowerShell's Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) actually uses an editor control which uses the same technology that will be in the next version of Visual Studio.  It is a great control and get's better and better with each snapshot we take.  We need to stop taking snapshots long before VS because we'll ship in W7/WS08R2 so the functions will not be identical.  They obviously have few more devs working on it than we do so their use of the control will be much more comprehensive than ours will as well.  Still - it is pretty great technology.  The Pre Beta users should see signifcant advances from our CTP2 release.


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
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  • Still waiting for the exciting news of CTP3 that supports remoting for XP SP3 and Server 2003 SP1. Help me, help you Jeffrey ;-)  I really wanted to give CTP2 a test drive but we are a 100% XP/2003 shop and use remoting HEAVILY.

  • Is this "Integrated Scripting Environment" the project that could have been called Emacs.Net (see http://www.douglasp.com/blog/2007/12/27/EmacsNet.aspx)?

  • @Lionel

    No - it is something entirely different.


  • Is this release going to include a real, resizable console with decent copy/paste? I love the concepts in powershell, but it's so hard to use from cmd.exe.

  • I use console2 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/console/) to run powershell in. It handles copy/paste a lot better than cmd.exe - and you can have multiple copies of powershell running  in one window

  • I’ve been wondering recently:  why did you go with a whole new editor, why not use the new Visual Studio Shell as a basis for Powershell V2?  It has syntax highlighting and breakpoints, etc.

    You could release both types of VS Shell, standalone and integrated, and it would just fit into the existing ecosystem.

    Are there things in your new editor that VS can't do?

  • First, PowerShell_ISE is not the same kind of tool as Visual Studio. It is an interactive shell with integrated editor. No project system, etc.

    Second, Visual Studio, in it's current form, is a large, fairly monolithic application, even in it's shell form. (The next version of VS is expected to address this. As Jeffrey mentioned, we're already using the next-gen editor control.) Monolithic is bad for the admin community because it adds too much "stuff" to the system where it's installed. In general, the smaller the footprint of an application, the happier the IT folks are. (This is why server core exists.)

    This doesn't mean we aren't looking at VS support - it's just a matter of priorities.

    Bruce Payette [MSFT]

  • Right, I know about console2 - it's broken on Vista x64. I was thinking of something that would come with the OS, not some sourceforge project.

  • I really hope the editor control will be released as a standalone control for anyone to use. For any .net application I mean.

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PowerShell_ISE and Visual Studio