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November, 2008

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    ConvertTo-HashTable.ps1 Part 2

    I wrote the previous blog in the middle of watching the video. The VERY next thing he did was to create 2 hashtables so my simple version of ConvertTo-HashTable.ps1 wouldn't work for that case. So I made a more sophisticated version: # ConvertTo-hashTable...
  • Windows PowerShell Blog

    PoshBoard and ConvertTo-HashTable

    I’m currently watching an cool video of PoshBoard a PowerShell based Web Portal by Pilosite available on CodePlex . It looks great. In the middle of the video I noticed the following script he uses to populate one of the controls on the dashboard:...
  • Windows PowerShell Blog

    Verbs vs Nouns by Snapin

    A while ago the System Center Virtual Machine Manager team showed me a chart of their cmdlets. It was an Excel spreadsheet which had the VERBs as rows and the NOUNs as columns. I thought that this was a wonderful way to look at the cmdlets. I woke up...
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    Faces From The PowerShell Community

    Jonathan Medd (of the Get-Scripting Podcast) held a PowerShell Panel discussion at TechEd EMEA where he asked various members of the PowerShell community questions.  I had a blast participating in this.  The group consisted of: Jonathan Medd...
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    PowerShell Training Available Through Microsoft

    A number of you have asked when Microsoft would be providing training for Powershell.   Apparently the answer is “NOW”.  I just came across this 3 day instructor led training class, Course 6434 “ Automating Windows Server 2008 Administration...
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