Gesticulating Ben Pearce

Gesticulating Ben Pearce

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I gave a talk with Ben Pearce during IT Forum in Barcelona this year.  It was the first time I had ever given a talk with Ben as was shocked (and delighted) by his speaking style.  Ben is an awesome presenter.  Full Stop. 

That said, one of his presentation techniques is to use of very energetic, very large, very expressive arm movements.  No until you understand this, you might think that Ben was having an seizure on stage.  (If you watch the first talk you see Ben starting the talk with some wild movements and when it my part of the intro - I just sorta stared at him not knowing what to say.  :-) )  Of course that didn't stop Ben  - he keep the waving up at a frantic clip.  It was the closest thing I've seen to a PowerShell interpretive dance.

During the PowerShell Community Dinner, we had a few drinks and got around to given Ben a hard time about this particular habit and nicknamed him, "Gesticulating Ben".  A few drinks later, I came up with the idea that during our next talk, we should figure out how to do a "YMCA" during the talk.  Now after quite a few drinks, this seemed like a really good idea.

Thanks to Jonathan Medd for taking the following photos at our session the next morning:

IMG_0041 IMG_0043

Ben is a great speaker - you should definitely go to any talk he gives!

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  • I've seen both Ben and Jeffrey speak. I agree that if you have the chance, go to talks by either of them. AND if you can see a talk with BOTH of them, even more cool!


  • I know what i want for Chirtmas.... CTP3.

  • @ Boo,

    sssttt, if yellowbeard reads this I feel an PoSHy X-mas song coming on youtube.

    Greetings /\/\o\/\/

  • @boo, @mow - I want a CTP too! It would be cool to get it today or tomorrow - I have an 11 hour flight on Sunday back to UK to play!

    Please Santa, please?

  • It's gotta be soon!

    Great pics.  :)

  • Oh Ben.... I find watching you a guitly pleasure.

  • Yes but is Ben the biker from the Village People, or is he the cowboy?

  • Daaaaaah I heard that :)

    No no... The next Powershell tune will involve the COMMUNITY not just me.  I want all your voices in "I LOVE POWERSHELL".

    Then we'll have something to sing about :)

    THAT'S the goal!

  • BTW.  I would suspect if Ben and I were in the same room we'd both need about a 100ft clearance.  I'm super guilty of the same "pleasure".   Small aircraft aren't safe when my arms get going.


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