Early Christmas Present from PowerShell Team: Community Technology Preview-3 (CTP3) of Windows PowerShell V2

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While Santa and co. are getting busy for Christmas, the Windows PowerShell Team is pleased to release the third Community Technology Preview (CTP3) of Windows PowerShell V2!

First let us thank you for all your great feedback on CTP1 and CTP2.  This is your product so never be shy about letting us know what you want from it.  We made quite a few changes based upon your feedback.  That is the benefit of these CTPs, it allows us to change things before we release them.  That also means that if you wrote scripts that used the features we changed, they will have to be modified to run properly.  We’ll have some more changes before we release but we are getting to the end game so fewer and fewer things will change by smaller and smaller amounts going forward.

This release brings, among other things, performance improvements ... things will be faster/more efficient than before.  PowerShell remoting now allows implicit remoting where command execution appears to be local even though they are remote. We have added over 60 new cmdlets in this release ... cmdlets for adding/removing/renaming computers, cmdlets for event logs, cmdlets for WS-Man functionality and even a WS-Man provider.  The “graphical” host, Windows PowerShell ISE, now supports a graphical debugger, context sensitive F1 help and a programmable interface for you to party on.

These are just a few of the new features we have packaged in this CTP3 release. Additionally this CTP3 includes some simple updates... like new parameters to several existing cmdlets. More feature descriptions and details are in the Release Notes and in the “about” topics included with the installation.

Reminder to the brave souls who want to use these bits in a production environment ... Don’t, these bits are still CTP. This CTP is not a beta. This software is a pre-release version. It may not work the way a final version of the software does. These CTP3 bits have not gone through rigorous testing. Even with these caveats, we hope you would try them out and let us know your feedback.

Last but certainly not least, V2 builds upon Windows PowerShell 1.0 by providing backward compatibility – your 1.0 cmdlets and scripts will run on this CTP3 (with the exceptions noted in the Release Notes - mostly new keywords/cmdlets). If a working 1.0 script doesn’t run on V2 and is not in the known list of exceptions, please tell us about it!

Download Windows PowerShell V2 CTP3

Download WinRM 2.0 CTP3 (required for PowerShell remoting)


Hemant Mahawar [MSFT]
Program Manager
Windows PowerShell

Submitting Feedback

Please submit your feedback using the Connect Website (adding a CTP3: to the title), posting on the Windows PowerShell Discussion Group, or commenting on the Windows PowerShell Blog

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  • Yeah!

    You guys are the best!

  • PingBack from http://www.codedstyle.com/early-christmas-present-from-powershell-team-community-technology-preview-3-ctp3-of-windows-powershell-v2/

  • Don't worry about us early adopters.  Who cares if you break my scripts... This isn't C# or VBScript it didn't take me that long to write them in the first place.  Given the current release cycle, Don't worry about us.  Just get it right!

    By the time V2 is rolled out in production around the world (3-12 months after GA).  PowerShell will have reached a critical mass.  Like those who used monad before, the CTP crowd will be but a whisper...

    As long as you get it right, who cares!  Feel free to break EVERYTHING with beta1.  If your road map says it's the right thing to do.  Part of what has made POSH so successful is your unorthodox approach to solving complex problems.  At this point "in powershell I trust", If you tell me that X is the best thing for everyone... I may not like it, but I'm not going back to cmd/wsh


  • Sorry to rain on your parade guys, but I've got one major gripe even before I download the stuff.

    Could whoever posted these file to download PLEASE GIVE THEM INTELLIGENT NAMES?!?

    The Help file was OK, WindowsPowerShellV2_CTP3_SDK.chm. It has the fact that this is for a) PowerShell, b) is V2, and c) is for CTP3.

    But the other files were generic. PowerShell_Setup_x86.msi didn't mention V2 or CTP3. And releaseNotes.rtf? Strike 3!

  • PowerShell V2 Community Technology Preview 3 is public with lots of goodies. Read the announcement at

  • Oh my god...it's full of stars!

  • Just in time for Christmas, CTP3 of Powershell v2 was realeased last nigth and is available for download

  • Well, if you haven't heard, v2 CTP3 is out. Check it HERE . This new release provides a feature where

  • Could we please for the love of all that is holy actually harmonize the releases between WinRM and PowerShell?  I mean, if PowerShell has a dependency on WinRM, and PowerShell CTP3 clearly supports XP, why the HELL can't I get WinRM CTP3 to support XP?????

    FIX THIS!! This is the THIRD time you've done this since becoming dependent on WinRM and EACH time you've put out an update, you lock yourselves into Vista and Server 2008 ONLY even though your product SUPPORTS XP!!!!

  • Now I can Minimize and hide powershell.exe window...great!!!

    But PowerShell ISE doesn't react when I click 'Windows PowerShell Help F1' menu...

  • Eric,

    Feel your pain but there are alternatives for the time being.  nSofware has their Powershell Server which works in much the same way that WinRM does.  If your hair is on fire, as Jeffrey would say, go with what works now.


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  • The features discussed in this blog post depend on PowerShell CTP3 release. Details about PowerShell

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  • Shane:  Thanks, and I get that I went overboard in my previous post, but it's not like this hasn't been discussed AND addressed before.  It's like all of Microsoft has been given the mantra "Do whatever it takes to PUSH customers off XP and to Vista."  

    Unfortunately for folks like myself that prefer to keep up with the latest in tools and technology, we aren't always the final arbiter in what platforms we support, and continually having to lag behind everyone else to use something that is supported on XP (but one of it's dependencies prefers to support Vista...) is creating an increasingly bad taste in my mouth.  

    I have Vista at home and use it to teach myself the skills I'll need to support it when the time comes, but there are LOTS of folks like myself who still support primarily 2000 and XP and have NO say in when that will change.

    This is right up there with PS not working on 2k (because it does, it's strictly an installer limit in checking the O/S version)

    PowerShell Team:  My apologies for my previous post's unwarranted vitriol.  It's the holidays and you guys/gals probably busted hump to get these bits out the door, and it IS appreciated!  My point was, this has been an on-going issue since deciding on WinRM as a dependency for remoting and I've brought the point up and had it addressed before in previous CTP bits for WinRM (they release only a .mui first, and then much later an .msi)

    In any case, I'll be playing around with the new features (that I can) over the holidays and thanks again for this early Christmas present (even if I'm more the Grinch than Saint Nick!)

    Merry Saturnalia!

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Early Christmas Present from PowerShell Team: Community Technology Preview-3 (CTP3) of Windows PowerShell V2