Experiment with PowerShell V1 Without Installing It

Experiment with PowerShell V1 Without Installing It

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If you are reading this, you probably already use PowerShell but you might know someone that has resisted installing it and trying it out.  Thomas Lee posted a blog HERE with a pointer to a Virtual PowerShell lab on TechNet. This allows you to Terminal Serve into a hosted virtual machine and kick the tires. In other words you get to run PowerShell without installing it.

Once they are done – they can install it.  :-)

I didn’t know anything about this but we should try to get them to do this with V2 CTP3 – that would be cool.

Thanks for the pointer Thomas!

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  • I assumed the PowerShell team had done this.

    You guys should definitely talk to TechNet folks and see if you can get a HOL up on TechNet for CTP3.

    And note that whilst you are running the lab, you have a fully functioning server that you can play with. You don't have to stick to the HOL script - you have the full time to play. Sadly, there's no network there, or a DC/SQL/Exchange server to play with, but that's worth asking for.

  • I agree but would like it to also include a section on internationization.

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