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Joel (Jaykul) Bennett has a cool post HERE where he is experimenting with some GUI scripting toolkits and a utility Out-WPF.  You can also checkout a Screencast of Out-WPF working HERE.  It is very cool and very short so give it a look-see.

Scripting GUIs with PowerShell is going to be a REALLY BIG DEAL going forward.

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  • I am just starting to integrate powershell into our solution, read a great post about AddType, but wait, that's in V2!

    After digging around, it looks like CTP1 came out in 11/2007, and CTP3 in 12/2008.

    13 months to go from CTP1 to CTP3?  Are there Beta's after this?  Are we looking at 2010 for RTM of PowerShell 2?

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for all the fun with PS, and a silly question, far below your level of discussion maybe, but:

    Why don't we have a cmdlet Out-Object?

    To be used for assignments, e.g. instead of

    $a = thing | oper1 | oper2,

    you could write

    thing | oper1 | oper2 | out-object $a

    It looks more natural to me, at the back of the pipeline, because $a is what comes out of the pipe.

    Greetings and successs in 2009, Jacques

  • @jacques

    We have something similar.  At any stage of the pipeline you can specify -OutputVariable (aliased to -ov) a and it will take all the output and put it into that variable IN ADDITION to passing on the pipeline.


    thing |oper1| oper2 -ov a


    thing -ov t |oper1 -ov a1 | oper2 -ov a2



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Checkout Out-WPF