Please Give Us Feedback

Please Give Us Feedback

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With the release of Win7/WS08R2 beta, we are officially in the end game of PowerShell V2.  This is the phase were we can only respond to customer feedback and we rely upon customer feedback to tell us whether and when we are ready to ship.  In other words - now is when we need to hear from you the most. 

  • Please use PowerShell V2
    • You can use the CTP3 bits or the bits that come with Win7/WS08R2 (they are essentially the same bits).
  • Please use all aspects of the product - experiment with the new features as well as verify your old favorites
  • Please report backward compatibility issues.  This is SUPER SUPER important to us so if anything USED to work and no longer does - it goes to the front of the fix queue.
  • Please file bugs and suggestions.  Let us know what you hate, what doesn't work for you, how you think things should work.  We love reading your feedback so please - turn the fire hose on.
  • Please share.  Blog, Post, twit (tweet?), talk, demo, present - you pick your favorite mode of sharing but share.  PowerShell is a community effort.  I learn from you, you learn from me, others learn from us.  The more sharing there is, the better our community is and the faster we learn.
  • Please encourage your friends, your peers, your fellow Internet surfers to join the party and use the V2 bits.

I'm very excited about what we are delivering in PowerShell V2.  As a community, we are going to be using these bits for many many years so let's work together to ensure that they are the best possible.


Experiment! Enjoy! Engage!

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows Management Partner Architect
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  • I would like to make two suggestions to the PowerShell ISE. First, allow drag-and-drog tab reordering. I find it very helpful to be able to group my open scripts. Second, have some method for copying the value of a variable to the clipboard when debugging. It is quite awkward typing in the variable and then select and copying the output from the Output Pane. Perhaps the way Visual Studio does it with its watch variable window could be a model.

  • doing a get-command -c all|ogv seems to mess up the definitions column for functions (which tend to be multiple lines of text) sorting on any column then seems to make an unholy mess.  more research: any output of function info from gcm into ogv seems to be wrong; only place correct is in command console where function defs are a bit of text followed by ellipsis

  • would like to second previous comment about lack of print capability in ise editor window. for us ability to print scripts out is crucial -- admittedly can get this elsewhere (np++ for us), but would be a pain.

  • I'm having trouble opening a file from the integrated search results within the PS ISE.  Click on the "Open" icon, then in the top right search box, search for a script, then try and open the script.

    I've got a network share included in my documents library that has a bunch of powershell scripts in it, and when I try to open it from the search results I get a message box titled  "Open" with a message "scriptname.ps1 No such interface supported" and there's only an OK button.

    If I manually browse to the location of the script I can open it just fine, I only have trouble when trying to open the script from within the search results inside of the file open dialog.

    Just thought you'd like to know,


  • when using ls -r, it passes the basename to the pipe, rather than the full path. For some reason when you type ls -r -i *.* it will pass the full path to the pipe.

  • I find powershell ISE very useful specially for writing scripts. however, I see there is no option to completely hide Output and command panes. I like to see only script and optionally Output panes when working with scripts and Command pane should be collapsed/hidden. im sure many other scripters would like it that way.

  • The lack of printing capability makes the ISE not worth the effort.  It had such potential, I was banging away at a script and then...  can't print.  This had to be by design and I have no idea why it was left out but is was EXTREMELY disappointing.

  • Issue with displaying a range of values in an array --

    $myArray[1..-1] is the same as $myArray[1,0,-1] instead of displaying the item at index 1 and iterating forwards through the last item.  It seems silly to have to do $myArray[1..$myArray.length] when [1..-1] seems so much more logical and is so much easier!

  • Why does Powershell

     Write-Host "$Env:ProgramFiles(x86)"


     C:\Program Files(x86)

    While Command Prompt

     echo %programfiles(x86)%


     C:\Program Files (x86)

    Note the first output has no space before (x86) and the latter does.

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