Podcast Discussing WSMAN 1/14/2008

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Tomorrow evening I'll be doing the Mind Of Root podcast with Steve Murawski to discuss WSMAN.  WSMAN is the new standard management protocol to talk to all sorts of heterogeneous devices and is the protocol that PowerShell Remoting is based upon.  As a general rule, management protocols take forever to become relevant but I believe that WSMAN is going to catch on like wildfire.  I'll discuss why during the podcast.  More details HERE.

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  • Another practical example of WSMAN use is with System Center Operations Manager and its cross-platform extensions beta for supporting/monitoring UNIX/Linux systems: the communication is done via WSMAN.

  • Jeffrey,

    Two of the questions I can't seem to get an answers on, including from my on-site Msft TAM of all people, is this:

    (Disregard if you will be answering these questions in your upcoming Podcast)

    Q1: Do the new AD cmdlets for Server 2008 R2 require/utilize the WSMAN protocol/infrastructure, i.e., do the Domain Controllers require the IIS components to be installed/enabled to respond to Vista client calls from the AD cmdlets?

    Q2: Can the AD cmdlets even be exported & installed on a client machine, and if so, how and what OS's (w/ prerequisites) are supported?

    I have been searching for the answer to this for months...since the anouncement of the AD cmdlets in Windows 7 Server (2K8 R2).  Any information you can provide would be MUCH appreciated.  I really don't want to have to create my own cmdlets for AD (or use open source or 3rd party code because my Government customer cringes when I use those words - without any real reason).



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Podcast Discussing WSMAN 1/14/2008