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I was in a meeting yesterday talking about BITS and what an awesome service it was.  I described what it did and how it allowed people to avoid a wide range of low-class, pain in the butt problems.  The question then became, "why isn't everyone using it?"  That's a darn good question.  The answer is that we have not educated people about it.  I aim to fix that.  I wrote an earlier blog on BITS HERE. 

Alex Ng has just written a nice blog about it HERE.  Check it out, try it out, tell a friend (and consider the internet a friend).

Experiment! Enjoy! Engage!

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  • This is cool.  I can't wait for v2 to ship.

    In the meantime, if you want to levarge BITS with scripting using current scripting technology, you can try this:

    Utility Spotlight: Scripting Trouble-Free Downloads with BITS


  • I've always wondered why Windows doesn't ship with a graphical BITS download manager AND a scriptable COM interface.  

    Do your new BITS cmdlets use a COM or .Net wrapper for BITS?

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A Bit More On BITS