Diff between Windows PowerShell versions

Diff between Windows PowerShell versions

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PowerShell MVP Oisín Grehan has done a really good job in getting the diff between PowerShell releases.

V1 and CTP3 http://www.nivot.org/2009/02/04/DifferencesBetweenPowerShell10RTMAndPowershell20CTP3Win7Beta.aspx

CTP2 and CTP3 http://www.nivot.org/2008/12/23/PowerShell20CTP3HasArrived.aspx

Thanks a lot Oisín.

Osama Sajid [MSFT]


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  • Because CTP3 doesn't readjust function's definition,

    sometimes(usually) output of (gcm FUNCTION).Definition is different with before.

    Is this "by design"? or a bug?

  • Microsoft products cover a multitude of technologies, and thus are managed by a multitude of management

  • This document is really useful, but are you going to create Language Reference for PowerShell? It's time to create professional documentation not only script examples and feature list tables.

  • @Grzes,

    Maybe this will help from Bruce Payette:


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