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PowerShell team wants to hear from you.

How easy or difficult it is for you to search PowerShell stuff like learning materials, help , samples, scripts etc? how often do you search for these? and what are your best bets to find information? How it should be made better?

Please answer these questions by completing this online survey


Osama Sajid,

PowerShell Program Manager.

P.S. this is the first time you are accessing PowerShell connect site, you need to register first. Use a LiveID to sign-in and look for Powershell in "Connection Directory" to register.  If you have any problems accessing the survey, please leave a comment on this blog post.

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  • I took the survey but...

    Question #4 is flawed as it leaves out of the possibilities the real reason: V2 is not released and may change.  Using it for a real project in a production environment is asking for trouble.  What if you declare a new reserved word that breaks the script?  I have to wait until you release V2 and state that it is supported on XP SP3.  Then I can use it in a production environment.  

    I am shocked that you did not catch this.

  • #4. What are the blockers in using PowerShell V2?

    I also could not find my real blockers in the list of choices. A few of them:

    *) Many well known for long time but not fixed bugs and issues;

    *) Presence of PowerShell V1 that used in production is a blocker for V2;

    *) Absence of Windows7 is a blocker if you are talking about that version (some of the blog posts are already specific for that version only).

  • #4 What are the blockers in using Powershell V2?

    A: Not supported by Exchange 2007.

  • Agree that #4 is not a valid question - making the survey useless.

  • I commented on Question 4 in the survery but thought I'd add some weight here too. Very, very poor choice of question, and there was no option to not answer it!

  • Entering the wonderful world of PowerShell to explore the landscape of the new kernel, many may find that they wish for a map of the mountains that they may navigate.

    PowerShell CLR CMD WMI COM GPM .NET C# VBS VMS ESX DSL WINRM WSMAN and on and on ...

    Some indication of their relevance, their relationships and pointers to the start of the respective paths. Hyperlinks alone do not solve the dilemma.

  • The response to the survey has been great so far. The survey will remain open for one more week and we will start analyzing the results after that. Thank you very much for the overwhelming response.

    We also appreciate the feedback regarding question #4 received on the blog.  This question should not have been specific to V2 and there should have been a textbox after the choices to take inputs - but we missed it somehow :-(. Apologies for the confusion it caused.

    I am not sure if one question can make the whole survey useless - something to check with our survey experts who created this survey. If it does them we will follow up with a better survey.

    There is a large text input at the end of this survey to take general feedback and I do see lot of good comments mentioning reasons for not using PowerShell, as well as what type of resources people look for and problems they face.  Please use that to send your verbose feedback.

    Your feedback is very important to us as it helps us in making improvements and serve you better.

    Thanks once again.

    Osama Sajid

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New Powershell Survey on Connect