Free PowerShell V1 Book From the Makers of PowerShell Plus

Free PowerShell V1 Book From the Makers of PowerShell Plus

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A number of you are already familiar with Dr Tobias Weltner.  Tobias has been involved with Windows scripting for many many years.  He was very active in the VBScript and WMI communities and then an very early adopter of PowerShell.  He is on of the PowerShell MVPs and the inventor of the amazing PowerShell Plus (I had Tobias demo this in one of my talks and people’s jaws just dropped). 

This week Tobias is making waves again by releasing a FREE PowerShell book “Mastering PowerShell”.   This appears to be a very comprehensive book at 567 pages.   Here is the TOC:

1. The PowerShell Console
2. Interactive PowerShell
3. Variables
4. Arrays and Hashtables
5. The PowerShell Pipeline
6. Using Objects
7. Conditions
8. Loops
9. Functions
10. Scripts
11. Finding and Avoiding Errors
12. Command Discovery and Scriptblocks
13. Text and Regular Expressions
14. XML
15. The File System
16. The Registry
17. Processes, Services, Event Logs
18. Windows Management Instrumentation
19. User Management
20. Your Own Cmdlets and Extensions

Note that the book is focused on PowerShell V1.


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  • Fantastic. Thank you for sharing!

  • If everyone could be just half as generous - the world would be a much better place!

    Thank you.

  • This is really nice stuff. Thank you very much!

  • Great resource, just as Powershell is itself. Actually we've implemented a Powershell plugin on top of out open source ECMS with some operations supported

  • Cheers Man....Appreciate the Book !!!

  • Thank you very much.

    Really appreciate it!!!

  • That is how the experts thinks. Thank you.

  • Amazing book, very concise, very informative, very easy to follow. Best powershell book I have used by far. Thanks for all your hardwork. Greatly appreciated.


  • Thank you for the free book.  It will give me a chance to explore powershell more.

  • Right timing with the release of Win7. Thanks for the comprehensive book.

  • Much appreciated for the hard work!

  • Great work! Thank you for the free book, much appreciated.

  • I downloaded the book and it is really great. The guy needs to create an account, where we can donate for him. It is a free gift to the world! Wow!

  • So this takes the place of the Official Powershell Language Reference?

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