Windows PowerShell 2.0 RTM

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Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 have been released to manufacturing. Both of these products include Windows PowerShell 2.0 and its exciting new features, such as remoting, ISE, modules, advanced functions, enhanced WMI support, and a variety of new cmdlets, plus a ton of other features. We are proud of this release.

We thank the PowerShell community, specially our MVPs, for helping us to make a great product.

In the next few months, we will release a downlevel package for installing Windows PowerShell 2.0 on Windows XP SP3, Windows 2003 SP2, Windows Vista-SP1 and Windows Server 2008.


Osama Sajid, Program Manager

[Update: Win2k3-SP2 was missed  in the original post - thanks Dmitry/Ken]

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  • In a few months ????

    Release is today!  We want Powershell 2, we want Powershell 2! we want Powershell 2! we want Powershell 2! we want Powershell 2! we want Powershell 2!

    Good job guys...

  • I do realize it isn't that easy... but yes please, sooner than a couple months?

    MSDN/TechNet/VolumeLicense folks will have Win7/Win2K8R2 in two weeks.   It will be mighty frustrating to not be able to have PowerShell 2 for Vista/XP/etc for many weeks after that.

  • Next few months? Can you give us a little more info, please? Q4? Q1 of 2010?

  • I absolutely agree with Gavin. Release it today! plz!

  • Great news!

    However, majority will not be able to use version 2.0 since most people won't have Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2 installed, so the downlevel packages are IMHO the real RTM.

    Anxiously waiting for the XP/Vista packages...

    Thanks in advance!

  • ???

    So you have ready PS 2.0 and you need "next few months" to create version for non-newest-OSs?

    You were able to release multiple languages of newest-OS, but you need "next few months" to create version for non-newest-OSs?

    it's kind of joke?

  • Looks like Windows Server 2003 is missing from the list...

  • "In the next few months..."

    Noooo!!! I want to read, "In the next few days..."  I'm too excited to wait.

  • Please confirm that PowerShell 2.0 will NOT be ported to Windows 2003.

  • First and foremost, congratulations on your RTM - it's great news that 2.0 is done. However, I'd like to chime in here and add my surprise and disappointment to that "in the next few months" bit.

    With the best will in the world, folks aren't going to be migrating everything to the new OSs on 22 October, but the availability of PowerShell 2 before that date would certain oil the machinary of that migration.

  • Well, Powershell 2.0 is an awesome release but the magic happens with WinRM 2.0... that's really what we need released (for 2003 and 2008 server).  Any idea on that?

  • Congrats on the RTM. I have admit that the first thing I did before I read *anything* was look for the download link.

  • What will happen to Exchange 2007 machines?  How will they be updated to 2.0?

  • @Malcolm,

    When PowerShell v2 releases for 2003 and 2008, I believe the plan is that will be with WinRM 2.0 support also.  Although not specifically mentioned.

    Remember, that CTP3 will install on all of these also.  It's just that the remoting and background jobs don't work for the most part.

    @David Moisan,

    Whether E2007 will support v2 has yet to be determined by the Exchange team themselves.  I know they've been working hard on E2010 and it is based on v2.

  • Will v2 install on Windows XP SP2 like the CTP can? Or MUST it be on SP3 to install the RTM?

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Windows PowerShell 2.0 RTM