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Have you ever faced a situation where you want to do some PowerShell magic on a server - but you can't because it is not installed. Well, Karl Prosser is now building a tool to do that. From Karl's blog...

"Portable PowerShell is software that allows you to run PowerShell on machines that don’t have PowerShell installed that you can run from a Machine that doesn’t have PowerShell on it, from a USB stick, on a machine that has a different version of PowerShell, a preinstall environment like BartPE, or WinPE or when booted to a windows 7 recovery DVD."

Right now Karl is asking the community for some feedback through a Survey  http://karlprosser.com/coder/2009/07/21/shelltools-portable-powershell-description-survey-and-private-beta/. Please send him your thoughts.


Osama Sajid, Program Manager

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  • Man if I'd have known you guys wouldn't sick the legal dogs on me I would have blogged about how to do this months ago. It's actually quite trivial. I ran 1.0 and 2.0 CTP side by side this way.

    It would be a great feature. Kinda like Export-Console U:\ -Binaries -Modules *

  • I with Karl on this one and it would be a great idea to have a portable version. Specially, those who are partnering with Microsoft could take advantage of such a product.

  • Until PowerShell runs under Mono, there's nothing remotely 'portable' about Powershell.  :(

  • I think Jeffrey Snover and other key players has said they forsee PowerShell is portable in multi-platform as many of Microsoft customers runs heterogeneous environment.  He event talked about Pash Project (http://pash.sourceforge.net/) and said he would like to do anything to support that movement. However, they do not have the bandwidth right now.  I understand that since they are trying to release V2.  I think showing support for it is the first step in the right direction, so don't loose your hope.

    As for the Portable Powershell initiative by Karl Prosser goes, I think this is great stuff as we can take a simple flash disk in the backend network bypassing firewall and run powershell magic (Wait!  having said that, remember to lockdown your Data Center even harder because a wrong guy with a flash Disk with the ExecutionPolicy "Unrestricted" set in his disk might cause some major damage.  


    p.s. I shouldn't talk any flaw about Karl's initiative as I haven't checked out his blog post about the portable Powershell just yet.  Perhaps he or somebody else already brought it up)

  • A powershell compiler would be nice, I realize that's what C# is/is for, but still it'd be nice to just compile my powershell scripts and get a huge speed increase.

  • I want it! I want it!

    where is it ???

    Is it still alive ? This stuff is one year old after all...

  • I hope everyone hasn't gave up on this yet...this would be a wonderful tool.

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Portable PowerShell - Survey