Learn Windows PowerShell 2.0 with PowerGUI

Learn Windows PowerShell 2.0 with PowerGUI

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PowerGUI has a cool way to get you started with PowerShell 2.0 features.. 'Code Snippets'. Take a at this video to know more. http://poshoholic.com/2009/08/28/learn-powershell-v2-features-using-powershell-code-snippets/


Osama Sajid, Program Manager


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  • Will powershell v2  for Windows 7 come with the GUI included?

  • so...we had a prompt on the mainframe and we all hated it so we switched to Windows...  then AD came out and we all switched over to that from Novell because it was GUI based.  Now, we're so advanced that we're going back to using a command prompt to script everything and doing away with th GUI...  Nice move...

  • @Jon: PowerGUI does not come with Windows 7 or PowerShell 2.0.  It's a free product you can download from http://powergui..org.

    @Jeff: That's exaggerated.  Microsoft isn't doing away with the GUI at all.  They're providing something that fills the sweet spot - the combined usefulness of the GUI and the command line.  GUIs are very expensive to create and tedious for more experienced users who don't want to click through many layers of UI to get their work done.  The command line is not as friendly as a GUI but it is very powerful and you can get work done in less time when you know what you're doing.  But having both to pull the information you need to you when you need it in the format you want is golden.  This is also very typical of anything where extremes are involved.  What starts out at one extreme (command-line only OS) often migrates to the other extreme (GUI-centric OS), only to end up settling back somewhere in the middle to provide the best of both worlds (command-line and GUI).

  • @Poshoholic:  I can understand why, but since Powershell was created by a former Unix programmer/engineer, it seems as if we are taking a step away from the Microsoft way of doing things. Has UNIX finally gotten it's foot in the Microsoft door?

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