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After WMF (Windows Management Framework ), i.e., the combined download package of  Powershell, WsMan and BITS,  for Vista and Windows Server 2008 was released to the Web on Aug. 13th, we can feel the high expectation for the final WMF releases from our customers. We would like you know your feedbacks are also crucial to help us achieve high product quality. Therefore, the message of this blog entry is simple: help us help you! If you have any feedback specific to the WMF Release Candidate, put your comments here. Thanks!

Xin Li

Windows PowerShell Team

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  • Oh, this is easy.  Server 2003.  Gimme gimme!  I'll be right here waiting, drooling over remoting but not really using it since the number of 2008 servers in my environment is slim to none, and the number of 2003 stays in the triple digits.

  • @John

    Soon. VERY soon.  "You might want to hit F5 on this page a few times tomorrow" - type soon.  (Things happen so don't be cranky if it doesn't happen tomorrow but soon.)


    Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]

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  • Will this package be published on Windows Update after release? If not, you definitely need a MSI package for easy deployment through group policies.

  • First of all great work!!!

    Powershell has changed many tasks I normally do manual, because batches and wsh scripts work unexpected or confusing

    Some things I would like to see improved:

    - There are too many commands at the beginning of a session. Please put them in some (un)-loadable modules/snapins. The Get-Command Cmdlet without filtering gives too much output.

    - Don't know if it still outputs an error, but the last c program with System("Pause") and $env:ComSpec = Powershell gives an error.

    - A last output variable, something that works like "ls | Tee-Object -Variable lastOutput" would be wonderful

    - To enable remoting in or without a domain becomes much easier since ctp3. But there still needs to be better documentation where to add the trusted hosts. The winrm drive makes it easier, but maybe the Enable-Remoting cmdlet can ask to set the Trusted Hosts if you aren't a domain member.

    Looking forward to a WinXP release.


    trainee in a German Hospital

  • Windows XP and Windows 2003 packages are now live. Check them out!

    Wassim [MSFT]

  • The files are on the connect site.  Sorry for stealing anyone's thunder :-).  The install will not work with Win XP SP2, so you must install SP3.

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Help Us Improve Microsoft Windows Management Framework