Tonight is the Virtual Launch Party @ PowerScripting Podcast

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Tonight is the night! 

I was super happy when we shipped V1 of PowerShell.  It started the journey.  That said, V2 is the release that we really wanted to release. 

Today Windows 7 is publicly available and every version has PowerShell V2 in it. 

Tonight – we party!

I’ll be cracking a beer with Hal Rottenberg and Jonathan Walz (hosts of the PowerScripting Podcast) in a PowerShell V2 Virtual Launch Party tonight at 9:30 PM EDT (GMT-4). 

For more details and info on how to join us go HERE.  I’m looking forward to seeing you.  Note, you can always watch the podcast after the fact but if you join, you can make comments and ask questions in the chat room – lots of fun.

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Distinguished Engineer
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  • Great show in the early, early morning. But I now I have an urgent need for 2 hours of rest, before I continue to (mis^H^H^H-^H)use ISE for some cool database stuff.

    ISE the next EMACS

  • Thanks for Powershell and the ability to control systems and complex operations with clear concise code. POWERSHELL ROCKS!!!

  • Jeffery you and your team are the BEST! Thank you for what you've done!  Solid release!

  • The PowerShell team is awesome.  You make developing on Windows a great experience and my life that much better.  

  • Thanks to the powershell team for your great work! And fun podcast tonight guys.

  • Enjoyed the show! PowerShell v2 is amazing, it has changed the way I do my job. Thank you!

  • Thank you and congratulations on a job well done to the entire PowerShell team.  PowerShell will greatly enhance the productivity and product integration for sysadmins all over the world.  Your impact on the future of computing will be huge!

  • For all the admins:  Thank you for letting us "work big".  Oh, and I am not afraid (comfortable with even) of .NET or C# anymore either.  GLO indeed!  (Good Lookin' Out)


    John Stimmel

  • Guys, you all working on PowerShell are really making our work much easier and more funny. I love your product.

    Thanks for it!

  • Great job! PowerShell 2.0 enhancements will really help to draw attention and build momentum.

    So when will V2 be available for download for pre-Win7 operating systems?  I was expecting it to come out on Win7 launch day...

  • Thanks for the hard work and dedication. Your hard work is making my life easier daily.

  • Thanks a lot, PowerShell 2.0 is fantastic !

  • There is no PowerShell v2 on my Windows 7 RTM Enterprise that was downloaded way before Oct 22nd via volume licensing.

    Are you sure that v2 is included? :-)

  • Ok, PowerShell v2 is included, but still in the v1.0 folder.

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Tonight is the Virtual Launch Party @ PowerScripting Podcast