Windows Management Framework is here!

Windows Management Framework is here!

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Windows Management Framework, which includes Windows PowerShell 2.0, WinRM 2.0, and BITS 4.0, was officially released to the world this morning. By providing a consistent management interface across the various flavors of Windows, we are making our platform that much more attractive to deploy. IT Professionals can now easily manage their Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2 machines through PowerShell remoting – that’s a huge win!

You can download the packages here:


Lee Holmes [MSFT]

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  • Can i use Power shell 2.0 in w2k3  R2 Server?

  • WTF you get the run around when trying to find the 2.0 powershell for XP lots of notes and logs but crap for actually what / where and how.  you guys in IT suck, i note that you only respond you dont agree but didnt do anytihng to help the users with their questions.  Why does MickeySoft have Techs who are worthless?

  • I want to report a bug. I have no idea where the heck I need to post this. But here goes. I just did a clean install of Win7 64 bit Ultimate and Office 2013. OMG I counted 296 windows updates after the install. What a nightmare!  I hope the new Firefox OS is worth a look at when it comes out since I bet it won't take me a whole day to install and update!!!

    I had to reinstall fonts and noticed something was different this time around. The fonts that had encrypted properties now were  having problems. When I installed them you could see them but after a restart they disappeared. I then reinstalled them and Windows tells me they are still installed but I can't see them in PP. I then reinstall them and now I can see them again. Then restart and now they are gone. I am wondering with all the security issues with IE that the updates are now having problems with finding encrypted font files??? I also tested this on my other computer with Win 7 and Office 2007 and the same thing happened. I then removed the encrypted properties with the font files and then installed them and now they don't disappear when I do a restart. This is not just with a certain font group either since I use fonts from many vendors so it is about WINDOWS 7 who manages this. I also use different antivirus programs for both computers too. There are differences but the common denominator is WINDOWS 7 and the OS manages fonts. I just had the worst experience with your chat folks for tech support. I think these guys are like in some third world country and don't understand English or just retarded (yeah politically incorrect but can't think of any other explanation) since they didn't read what I wrote and ask questions on info I had already supplied. They wanted me to do another clean install OMG I just did one and everything is working great except for the font thing. Also does Win 8 allow for longer files names? I am just hitting the wall with the 260 character limit Windows 7 offers for files names. I need another OS that allows for more detailed filing.

    Maybe if this is not the area that needs to be aware of this bug can you please forward it to the department that does handle this. I don't know how regular folks are able to figure out which area is working on what aspect of the coding : /

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