SRV312 TechEd Slides

SRV312 TechEd Slides

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I just gave the talk, "”Server Management Improvements and Solutions for Windows Server 2008 R2”.  It went over rather well.  Attached are the slides.  I will try to get you the demos but that will be difficult and will take some time.


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  • I enjoyed the presentation (as usual) but I am little confused about the availability of PowerShell 2.0 for Windows Server 2003 etc.

    When will version 2.0 finally officialy be released via Windows-Update? (the latest available version is still the Release Candidate). So October 22nd was a kind of "one half of the release" day?


  • How can I get my xbox 360?  I think that specific slide is missing ;-p

    (Thanks for sharing)

  • I'm just starting to learn Powershell now that it comes in the box on Win 7 and those demos would be *really* nice to have. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the slides. Video or transcripts of the talk would help; do you know if they will be available and when?


    -- MattJ

  • @Peter,

    PowerShell v2 for Server 2003 was released a week or so after the Windows 7 launch date.


    There's something called "TechNet Online" that attendees have access to after the event.  I'm not sure if that's open for other people to join.  It isn't free.  Don't despair though, I think I've seen others come online for free, but that was months later after the live show.

  • @Jeffrey Snover,

    Congrats!  From Twitter-land:

    "It's official! I got #1 Overall Teched talk & tied for Speaker Effectiveness but had fewer votes so I got #2. Snoopy dance! #Powershell"

  • PowerShell 2.0 for Windows Server 2003 was released with WinRM 2.0 as "Windows Management Framework Core"; update package is KB968930.

  • It was an awesome talk - and an outstanding demo. I can't wait to see the demo files as I'd like to make some use of them in my classroom teaching.

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