Windows PowerShell 2.0 SDK

Windows PowerShell 2.0 SDK

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Windows PowerShell 2.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available for download. This SDK contains sample code and reference assemblies that allow you to build applications based on Windows PowerShell.

The samples demonstrate how to use the Windows PowerShell 2.0 APIs. You will also find sample code that shows how to use the new PowerShell class, how to write cmdlets that supports eventing, transactions and jobs. In addition, there are examples of host applications that connect to remote computers using individual runspaces and runspace pools. This SDK release also include modified Windows PowerShell 1.0 samples using the improved Windows PowerShell 2.0 APIs.

Hemant Mahawar [MSFT]
Program Manager

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  • this application is a very well.

  • The download of PS 2.0 does not seem to work.  It says the file can not be found.

  • That great!

    In the past, you had to download the latest Windows SDK install launcher, then pick through not so obvious options to get a whole bunch of extra stuff.

  • @sad user,

    As of December 26th @ 01:30AM GMT, the download seems to be fine.


  • The download is flakey. 5 minutes ago the "web page was unavailable" (no problems on my end). Just tried it again and it was fine.

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