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    Testing cmdlets with FxCop

    Windows PowerShell wouldn’t be very useful without all the great cmdlets that actually manage specific technologies.  We want to help cmdlet developers to create high-quality cmdlets.  Today we announce availability of FxCop rules that can be...
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    Fun – Is W7 Too Good?

    Sean Kearney (aka Ye110beard of Highway to PowersHell fame ) sent me a pointer to a fun video which posits that maybe W7 is TOO good.  Just maybe it is so good that it will put IT Pros out of business.  I think the exact opposite is true - I...
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    “Falling is Learning – Just Focus on Having Fun”

    Back in the days when our hair was on fire with security issues, we brought in a number of industry experts to educate us on developing secure software.  This resulted in the Security Development Lifecycle which all our products now use.  One...
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March, 2010