Fun – Is W7 Too Good?

Fun – Is W7 Too Good?

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Sean Kearney (aka Ye110beard of Highway to PowersHell fame ) sent me a pointer to a fun video which posits that maybe W7 is TOO good.  Just maybe it is so good that it will put IT Pros out of business.  I think the exact opposite is true - I think PowerShell and the ability script the OS and products allows IT Pros to generate a ton of value and increase their integrated lifetime earnings.  Still it is a fun video.  You can catch it HERE.


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  • Glad you enjoyed.

    We all believe as you do, This is the Future, easier to manage systems, our jobs will become more effecient and us more productive thanks to Powershell :)

    As an ITPro, how much of your day do you WASTE running from machine to machine and server to server when you don't HAVE to?  Imagine the hours that go back into your pocket and how much more valuable you are as a Tech and Administrator when YOU can manage systems with repetition and ease.

    Yes I love Powershell.

    Having said that, this WAS a fun Video to particpate in, Including the "Highway to Powershell Tour" tshirt ;)

    "Help me Snover..."

    Help me expand my Powershell abilities and THANK you Microsoft for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

    And most of all, THANK YOU for the release of Powershell.


    The Energized Tech

  • Too good??? You are kidding aren't you, it has done nothing but crash for me!! Over and over and over again! It is very unstable. Cursor freezes several times a day. Then it gets worse!! And I must do a system restore that nearly always fails with a 0xc0070005 i think it is. After doing this a dozen times from different Restore Points one will work and I get a few days of gradually diminishing stability before I must do it again. Very disappointed!!

  • Gregg Greayer - something is wrong with your system

  • Yes all too quick to blame the OS! Have you done any hardware diagnostics?? I manage dozens of Windows 7 computers and not had anything like what you describe.

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