Windows PowerShell in Bing Visual Search

Windows PowerShell in Bing Visual Search

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Beginning today, there's a new way to look at Windows PowerShell cmdlets.

You're used to looking at them this way:


Or, perhaps, this way:


But would you like to look at them this way?


What if getting a list of the remoting cmdlets was as easy as clicking a category name? And you could filter to display only the remoting configuration cmdlets?


What if you could get a quick peek at a cmdlet help topic by clicking a Bing Visual Search tile?
(See the "Help Online" link?)


Welcome to the Windows PowerShell Cmdlets Gallery in Bing Visual Search.

To see it, go to or outside the U.S., go to


1. Go to Bing:

2. Click Reference, and scroll down to Scripting.

3. Click Windows PowerShell Cmdlets.

If you're attending Microsoft Management Summit 2010, you can see a presentation of the Windows PowerShell Cmdlet Gallery and other innovative ways to present information at the "Creating an Information Experience for Windows and Management Customers" breakout session (BJ01) on Monday, April 19 from 3:00 – 4:00 PM in Bellini 2005.

The current version of the gallery is a prototype that still has a few bugs. We're new at this and ironing them out over time. If you have suggestions, please leave comments or send them to me at

June Blender [MSFT]
Windows PowerShell Documentation

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  • "But would you like to look at them this way?"

    To each their own.  I prefer the technet library myself :)

  • Make sure you have not been redirected to your country's Bing site.  I am from Canada and the above instructions work for the United States Bing, but not Canada.

    To switch to the US site look at the bottom of the page.

  • Really like the right hand column and the counter, but I'm not sure about "Visual Search" bit. Seems an odd way to view what is essentially only text.

  • I would like to be able to see more info from get-help on the right pane under details.  I should be able to select parameters and see what is in get-help for those parameters

    Also "narrow by" is great, but I can't seem to find a way to create my own filter or even a way to search within visual search.  I feel like it should be there, but I think I'm missing some obvious way to do this.

  • > Your computer isn't supported

    > Visual Search doesn't work on your computer.

    Sorry, can't use that thing (on Firefox 3.0. A bit old, but the standard here).

    Plus, as Denis mentionned above, only works for selected country, which seems an arbitrary restriction.

  • Hi, Tome,

    To see full help for a cmdlet, click the "Help Online" link in the hover pane or in the top right corner of the details pane.

    Unfortunately, there's no way for users to create custom filters (yet). I wanted to do that, too. If you have suggestions for particular filters, let me know.

    As to more details, we can't yet automatically update the contents of Visual Search when we update the help, so I didn't want to include details in this view that might change over time. I thought it was better to keep it lean than to have outdated content.

    Thanks for the comments,


  • I really like the "Narrow By" too. I don't like blindly searching for things, so, for me, this is great.

    Figuring out a way to learn powershell, or any other language, has always been a struggle for me. But with this, I can see the cmdlets I want to focus on, how the cmdlets are related to each other, etc. without first having to learn all cmdlets.

    So, where can I download this thing?

  • It would be helpful if there was an easy way to clear a filter. I would like to be able to go back to viewing all cmdlets regardless of version.

  • Great. I think this is really cool. Thanks

  • Hi, Lu,

    To clear a filter, such as "Introduced in Version," click the "x" in the filter option box.

    For example, when you select "2.0" a little box with "2.0" appears below "Introduced in Version." Just click the "x" in that box.



  • Hi, Denis and FP,

    Thanks for your comments. I'm really sorry that this is currently US only, but I don't have control over that.

    You can use this redirectable link to access the U.S. English version from other countries. I created this re-directable link so that if the actual link changes, I can update it easily.

    Outside the U.S., go to



  • These links now just give 404-page not found.  :-((

  • Bing discontinued all of the Visual Search galleries. This would make a great Metro app or even a game if anyone is so inclined.



  • Source?

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