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    Configuring WSMAN Limits

    As you probably know by now, all of PowerShell remoting is done via streaming extensions to WSMAN. WSMAN is the SOAP-based DMTF standard protocol for managing everything. As you explore the limits of what you can do with WSMAN or PowerShell remoting,...
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    Select-String -Context

    A lot of people use Select-String but I haven’t seen much discussion of the –Context parameter.   This is an awesome feature that we added in V2.  If you haven’t tried it, you should spend a few minutes experimenting.  I can guarantee...
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    PowerShell V2 IS Available

    Superstar Tobias Weltner (of PowerShell.com and Powershell Plus fame) sent me some mail today pointing to this May 14th article Three Essential PowerShell 2.0 Remote Management Features .  It is a very good article except for this part: “PowerShell...
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    Renaming Tabs in the ISE

    When you have multiple PowerShell tabs open in the ISE, it may be handy to rename them, so you can tell which is which. This is especially useful when using Remoting with Enter-PSSession. The problem when using Enter-PSSession is that you have no access...
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    Smiling, Crying, and Scripting

    I once heard that everyone in the world smiles and cries the same way - that language and culture had no effect on these. I thought of that when I navigated to: http://www.computerworld.jp/topics/mws/180709.html I have ABSOLUTELY no clue what they are...
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    PowerShell Resource Page at Windows IT Pro

    Windows IT Pro magazine has created a PowerShell Resource Page HERE .  It provides a nice easy way to get at all of Don Jones’ articles.  Don is a superstar explainer of all things PowerShell so if you aren’t already following him, do yourself...
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    A PowerShell Wander: ToolBox Mindset, –ExpandProperty, DMZs and Remote Profiles

    I was reading PowerShell remoting in Windows Server 2008 R2 . The great thing about this article is that it documents how to use Group Policy to enable PSRemoting on lots of machines automatically. In the article there was the following heads up: Warning...
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