PowerShell Integration Into Visual Studio

PowerShell Integration Into Visual Studio

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Quest has released a beta of PowerGUI Visual Studio (aka PowerGUI VSX). 

Check out Kirk Munro’s blog entry HERE for more details.  Check out this screenshot:


I can’t wait to install it and kick the tires!

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  • Oh THAT is TOO SWEET! :)

    Excellent job Quest!  Way to go! Woohooo!

  • Awesome! Still lovin Quest since my Toad days in Edinburgh 2000...

  • Installed It, Played With it, looks good and works reasonable well. I still need to work out how to debug in the VS-IDE

  • if you think this is cool try this tool powerwf . vs is dwarf copared

  • Implementation i ugly. That is not real integration of PS into VS, it's integration of PowerGUI editor control into VS. Not very usefull

  • agreed with Andrii, its an awful implementation , just terrible, no the worse i have ever seen a joke even! Carnt even delete a script in the context menu as there si no delete command ! what's that about... oh dear steer clear !!!

  • Doesn't work for me

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